Feathered wings have touched down on the deck of aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The aircraft carrier has been joined by a pigeon, they’re not trying to trace the owner.

The vessel is currently conducting carrier sea training with F-35B jets from 617 Squadron.

According to the Royal Navy, the aim is to demonstrate that the jets can successfully defend the aircraft carrier by delivering combat air patrols – launching from the ship to conduct strike missions against a target – and being ready to take off at short notice.

According to a statement:

“After the initial qualification period, 617 Squadron will test their ability to work with Portsmouth-based HMS Queen Elizabeth and Merlin helicopters of Culdrose-based 820 Naval Air Squadron by conducting a number of complex training missions. This is all in preparation for their second embarkation later in the year when the squadron will join the carrier and her task group for a large multinational training exercise with US, European and NATO partners. The Royal Navy is transforming into a force centred around carrier strike – supporting the ships as they conduct carrier strike missions, enforce no-fly zones, deploy Royal Marine Commandos, deliver humanitarian aid, and build international partnerships with our allies.”

HMS Queen Elizabeth will now enter an intense period of flying having just successfully completed four weeks of basic sea training before returning to Portsmouth later this month.

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Nice little pigeon, Atleast it’s not dam Seagulls! I’ve been on near daily nest clearing on my roof for weeks now!, And it’s a 4am daily wakeup when the chicks come if not!, Any suggestions?!. Anyway I hope this pigeon finds it’s way back home safely unlike certain nations warships these days.


Can’t stand seagulls bloody virgin the lot of them


Vermin lol


Guess we can all see what common words you are tying! 🙂


Damn it… Typing! haha

Stevo H

Pigeons, all types of gulls etc are a bloody nuisance and need to be shot on site, the amount of poop they produce and then dump it all over the cars at work is unbelievable……it’s like a B-52 style carpet bombing raid.
On a more serious note…..it’s great to see that the QE and her crews are gearing up nicely for their first proper CSG deployment next year.

Daniele Mandelli

“and need to be shot on site”

Wow, clearly an RSPB member!


Having had issues with pigeons scoffing gooseberries then deciding to do a 617 along the cars on their why to roost. I can fully understand the comments made earlier

Daniele Mandelli

Oh so can I. Their poo is like Concrete. I just wouldn’t be killing them for it.

Daniele Mandelli


32 Pigeons have won it, while evading hostile fire and generally being shat on my humans.


Wow Stevo H, some pigeons have more medals than most people, 32 have the dickens medal I think it’s called, it’s the highest honour an animal can be given….saved many of life’s in ww2 and ww1 I believe. But they can be anoying at times, but who can’t.

Dave Wolfy

Whatever you do – do not feed them Alka Seltza tablets.

Daniele Mandelli

Good chance to rest for the Pig. I guess QE is in the North Sea? She has rings, so she’s used to this long distance flying lark.

Jim Ball

It’s ‘Speckled Jim’


New Jam Resistant VSTOL Communications System?


Barry Larking



Not as stealthy as the F22. People have said it has the Radar Cross Section of a small bird.

Barry Larking

How about ‘well fed bird’?

Stevo H

Very funny mate….

Stevo H

I suppose the pigeon is classed as an annoying and noisy medium sized bird…..good target practice for the Type 45’s though….

Stevo H

I wonder if the pigeon has the capability to carry sea ceptor……if so, it’ll make up the numbers for the QE’s first CSG deployment.

Nigel Collins

We could also add Sea Sparrow to protect the carrier!


lol, and some sea eagle missiles to add a bit of bite!


Target practice for phalanx anybody?


I can’t believe no-one has made this pun yet: what else could HMS QE’s feathered visitor be but a Carrier Pigeon?