First Hand Look – 845 NAS and their new Merlin


Exclusive video from inside the new Merlin Mk4, recorded by Henry Jones when he went to visit 845 Naval Air Squadron.

This was filmed when Henry Jones spent a day getting to know the new Merlin Mk4 with 845 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton.

This footage belongs to the UK Defence Journal, for more visit and for enquiries please contact [email protected]

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Chris H

Memo to Ms Mordaunt:
Please issue a steady order stream for more Merlin Mk IV on a rolling, low pulse rate, contract with Westland (sorry Leonardo) to follow on from the 4 Polish aircraft.
No more waiting until the last minute and then needing 20 in 3 weeks please.

Daniele Mandelli

It’s just common sense. All our defence industries would set their stall out and know where they stand if MoD / HMG had a proper long term plan with a steady drumbeat of orders for equipment.


Agree. Superb machine: ASW flying frigate. Here’s a thought; could Type 31 have a ASW Merlin capable hangar with folding rotors?


Depends on the type 31 chosen, I’m sure 2 of the candidates could.

Chris H

@Paul.P – I am scrabbling for a link but I am pretty sure the idea is that it will be Wildcats attached to the Frigates although Merlins can land in stores replenishment or ferry operations or be called on in addition to the Wildcat (which has a pretty formidable anti ship and sonar capability itself). No T31 design can house a Merlin as far as I know. Happy to be corrected as always though


Chris, actually that’s my recollection too; which is why I wrote the comment. I was thinking that if we needed to increase our ASW capability then more Merlins flying from T31s might be a cheaper way to do it versus more T26 or more P8’s, neither of which is going to happen.
I was thinking the folding rotors might make it possible for T31 to host a Merlin. Just a wandering thought. I’d better take my medication 🙂


Hi Chris, just to note the RN wildcats don’t have a sonar capability, some nations wildcats do have this ours don’t.

Chris H

@Jonathan – Indeed as you say. They are ‘fitted for but do not have’ as we sadly see too often. The SK ones are full blown ASW aircraft while RN ones aren’t as well equipped but could be fitted out reducing options for other duties. I think (as always) ‘SaveTheRoyalNavy’ covers it all rather well:


A letter to her office might be better than a comment on a forum.

You’re Welcome

Chris H

@davetrousers – But I AM writing on a particular subject ON a forum to express a point of view. I just happened to use an abstract approach – sorry you missed that.

And you assumed I have not written to my own MP (who happens to be a Front Bench Minister) on precisely THIS subject (steady state procurement), the procurement debacle over the FSS ships and the possible repetition over the LCS ships?

Well I have, have had replies and you’re welcome to my efforts.


Wow. I knew about quite a few of the good things about Merlin but I hadn’t realised that it is equipped with quite so many defensive systems. Impressive.


Besides the unprecedented service history and 5 hours endurance, Merlins have never crashed.

peter french

Couldnt they get somebody to speak undestandable English for the commentary