In just three days, Russian aircraft have carried out 137 sorties, targeting 448 “terrorist objects” throughout Syria, according to a Russian Ministry of Defence press briefing held by spokesperson Igor Konashenkov on 9 November 2015. Three airstrikes previously posted on the MoD’s YouTube page were singled out by Konashenkov for closer examination. Given the Russian MoD’s well-documented propensity for fabricating information, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to verify the Russian MoD’s version of events.

More can be found here at Bellingcat.

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Tom Baker

Anyone surprised?

Joe Harrison

Let Russia do what we were frightened to do. Clean out ISIS. We can then sort things out with Russiai in a friendly manner, without confronting them .

UK Defence Journal

Joe, only 5% of their attacks are hitting IS…

Secure your base, then take the war to IS. They are all choppy beards including “our” choppy beards, so all is good. I was taught that deceiving the enemy was a military virtue.

Gordon Pell

UK Defence – only if you use “our” definition of ISIL. Under the Russian and Syrian definition, all of the terrorists are ISIL.

UK Defence Journal

Nonsense Gordon.

Gordon Pell

Really? Which bit? And you think bellingcat is impartial? I don’t think so!

John Seddon

Only solution is to declare a NO FLY ZONE over Syria, vaporize Soviet and Syrian fighter aircraft and heavy armor to prevent Putin and Assad killing more civilians. Effectively, Assad is destroying his country and people violently; there will be nothing left except bomb craters if you (NATO) do not declare NO FLY ZONE over the entire area. Give the two monkeys 24 hrs to pull out, else wipe them out. Putin, is another ‘Hitler’ on the loose, planning more crimes against humanity and crimes against the only Earth we have. This is not a game, NATO have to do… Read more »

Ben Millman-O'Sullivan

I say let Russia hit any islamist groups, whether it’s IS, Al Nusra or groups supported by gulf states. The Syrian Government is the best chance the country has for stability and (hopefully) a transition to democracy.

Johno Blake

If the paper rumours are true if Putin deploys 150,000 troops to Syria nato are best to let Russia get on with it. At the moment I think Russia are holding all the cards and NATO know that Putin can deploy a large force at a drop of a hat

Howie Elliott

just knew they were lying …but then that is Putins way….