Glasgow International Airport has been partially evacuated amid concerns over suspicious cargo.

**UPDATE: Police said it related to a spillage from cargo on board the plane. The incident was stood down at 13:25 after the package was found to be safe.**

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said:

“At approximately 10am today, the airport fire service attended an arriving KLM flight in response to concerns raised over a piece of cargo.

Enquiries are ongoing to determine the content of the package and the aircraft has been cordoned off pending the outcome of the investigation. All other parts of the airport are fully operational.”

More on this as it develops.

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I wouldn’t worry too much, just give John Smeaton a call, he’ll sort it out!


A couple of classics from Billy Connolly’s live show he did in Belfast not long after that Glasgow terrorist attack

Talking about the suicide bomber training instructor..

“Right lads..I’m only going to show you this once!!

The attack itself..

“The whole thing had turned to shit..the poor guy was trying to commit suicide and people were beating the shite outta him!

“What must of it been like, the guys on fire, and people are bootin your baws!


LOL…Bringing Terror tae Glasgie! Well, we don’t mind a bit of terror in Glasgie!!


Sounds a bit like an over reaction by the police/airport authorities…..

Why was the whole airport closed? Surely they could just have isolated the plane/cargo? There must have been a remote stand or somewhere away from the terminals/active areas of the airport that the plane could have been towed to….


Ever since 9/11 airport security has gone crazy. I see the TSA here in the US giving full body searches to 90 year old ladies all the time. That is just F’d up.