HMS Middleton will spend three years based in Bahrain and will carry out security operations across the region.

HMS Middleton will set sail today for a three year deployment to the Gulf where she will protect vital sea lanes and provide wider maritime security to the region. Although Middleton will be based in Bahrain for three years, the 45 ships company will rotate every six months.

Four of the Navy’s minehunters are a permanent presence in the Gulf demonstrating the UK’s continued commitment to enduring peace and stability in the region.


  1. I’m curious why the UK doesn’t have corvettes for work like this. Lots of light, fast surface attack ships would seem to be a logical thing to have in your fleet. Something like the US navy’s littoral warships for instance, they’re extremely flexible and would suit roles like this.

  2. @Ian, becayse corvettes are terrible, they are for poor navy’s that cant afford the resources needed for a ship that gives a real presence.


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