HMS Montrose has spent ten days in Singapore.

According to the Royal Navy, the Plymouth-based warship used the ten-day break to allow maintenance to be carried out.

“The ship berthed at Sembawang Naval Wharves on the north side of the island where an eight-strong team of Royal Navy personnel are permanently based.

They support visiting ships from the Five Power Defence Agreement – UK, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, plus Singapore – and the US Navy.

There are more than 150 movements each year at the wharves – opened on the eve of World War 2 and used by legendary ships such as HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse – making it busier than Portsmouth Naval Base.”

HMS Montrose is currently crossing the globe on her way to take up posting as the Royal Navy’s forward deployed frigate in the Persian Gulf. Once in Bahrain, Montrose will conduct patrols for up to three years say the Royal Navy, with her crew trading places every six months with the ship’s company of her sister, HMS Monmouth, also based in Plymouth.

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Is that 4 ships that have been to Singapore in less than a year now?


Also, is she ever gonna actually reach the gulf?

Hong Kong phooey

Four floors is much better if you are on a budget


well it certainly seems like a sailors life for them 😉 Theres always some cheap dive bar that sailors will find im sure! pretty sure Nelsons bar was big in the day near Sembawang 😉 many a brawl.


Raffles was under refurb …dont know if its finished yet.
Chances are they will all go to Muddy Murphys and then across the road to the 4 Floors.
There is a Aus/NZ military bar in Sembawang that hasd a pool…that usually gets a bit messy!

David Flandry

It would seem she is approaching the Gulf asymptotically.


‘… HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse’ Oh dear that doesn’t bode well.


Raffles is still expensive but the service is superb and Singapore is a fabulous place with friendly people and terrifying police officers.

barry white

Oh what memories i have of Sambawang in the early 70s
The bars -the stalls
What great times
But it changed a lot when i went back in the early 80s
God knows what its like now
I do feel very sorry for you guys today as we had a fleet then and the runs ashore were amazing