HMS Montrose welcomed crew back on board after a complex refit and will escort HMS Queen Elizabeth to the US to begin F-35 trials next year.

HMS Montrose has recieved a new command-and-control system, Sea Ceptor missile system and the Artisan radar.

Commodore Paul Halton, Commander Devonport Flotilla, special guest on board, addressed the crew:

“This is the most important day in the life of a ship with all that follows and when you, as the ship’s company, take ownership of your ship following the extensive work that has finally been completed.

But this is more than a ship, you, as the ship’s company, are the ship.

It is a special day. There are exciting times ahead, including getting ready for sea, going to sea and the work-up of all the systems – with the newness of Sea Ceptor, for instance. The most significant tasking will be escort to the new carrier when she goes to the eastern seaboard of the US.

I hope this will act as an extra motivation for the busier days ahead.”

Throughout its lifetime, the Type 23 frigate has been at the forefront of British overseas activity. They are regularly used in drug-interdiction raids in the Caribbean, with raids netting millions in cocaine or heroin. They have been used in disaster relief operations in overseas territories and beyond, and even in the evacuation of British civilians from Libya in 2011 during Operation Ellamy.

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Mike Saul

Will the seaceptor missile and associated systems be able to intercept the new Russian zircon anti ship missile?

Powered by a scram jet it is claimed to have a 250 mile range and travel at 4000 mph speed.

It can be ship, submarine or air launched.

andy reeves

brazil wants to buy hms ocean!!



Mike Saul

On a different note it is reported by BFN that divers found that the top coat of paint has not adhered to the undercoat on HMS Queen Elizabeth.


It’s ironic and almost laughable that when QE departs for the US next year, she will be escorted by a frigate that will not have any anti ship missiles…… sad sorry state of British defence…. HMG should be ashamed of themselves!



David Stone

I suspect Montrose will still have Harpoon at that time (unless the carrier dates slip any more). They won’t be removed on 1st Jan, more than likely after any planned deployments for the year.

Still a daft situation though, to be this close of an out of service date without a clue what to replace it with.


I’m guessing this is just to say the refitted and capable Montrose will be AN escort, rather than to say she’ll be the only escort which should also include at least one T45 and one or two subs. Apart from practice, after an impressive JW with subs, frigates, and destroyers (Diamond and frigate classed destroyers), including the Carney, the Russians would be laughing their cotton socks off.


Good point but even at that, if Harpoon is indeed withdrawn beforehand – which could well happen due to the reported hull paint issue which could delay QE’s departure – the Type 45s will have no ASM capability either, leaving it to one of our attack boats.

I’m sure nothing will happen and maybe the MoD can scrape together enough money to keep the Harpoon onboard the fleet escorts until she returns but the optics are admittedly – embarrassing!!!


@ dadsarmy

Sorry – reply was for David above :-).

David Stone

I think we can all agree the RN fleet isn’t quite as fearsome attack wise as it should be!

Stuart Willard

The same Russians who have an unusable aircraft carrier and for the most part outmoded surface vessels and admittedly very dangerous submarines… If mostly dangerous to the poor submariners who man them.


In fairness Stuart, though refit a good bit, the Montrose was commissioned back in 1994, launched 1992. And the Russians do have some silent subs.


You don’t need a surface fleet or a sub to launch their anti ship missiles I believe they are air launched by a stand off bomber of which we know Russia has many


“…you, as the ship’s company, are the ship.”

Yea best not tell MOD/HMG that, we’ll end up with a fleet of sailors on a parade square making engine noises.