British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is to sail to the Arctic Circle in a few weeks to support a multinational air transport mission, it has been revealed.

The new carrier recently returned from trials with F-35 jets but it’s understood that she is being redeployed for this mission.

The vessel is being deployed to act as an emergency landing option should a specific but classified cargo aircraft require its usage.

Other commentators have noted that that the loading of provisions would be unusual as the craft is rumoured to be elf sufficient and shouldn’t need anything else.

Part of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s recent trials involved the fitting of STOVL (Sleigh Take Off and Vixen Landing) equipment allowing for this kind of aircraft to land and take-off from the carrier.

Sources in the region were keen to stress that this special cargo mission is being supported by both NATO and Russian assets.

We understand that the undisclosed cargo is to be revealed nationwide on the morning of the 25th of this month.

According to Foreign Office spokesman Nicholas Cringle:

“We’ve received a request for assistance to support a multi-national air transport mission being launched from a currently undisclosed location within the Arctic Circle. As such, HMS Queen Elizabeth is being redirected to provide emergency provisions and a ‘back up’ option should the cargo aircraft involved need to land and refuel.”

This comes not long after it was announced that the Royal Air Force is on high alert this month in order to track cargo flights from the Arctic region.

An MoD spokesman had this to say:

“Interception is part of what the QRA force do. We have to identify and confirm who or what is flying through our airspace or approaching our airspace and since the craft appears at the same time each year, we have a fairly good idea who will be flying but we don’t take any chances.”

The Ministry of Defence used satellites with infra-red sensors to track the aircraft last time this happened, it is understood that the heat from an animals red nose was clearly visible and it was at this point RAF aircraft began escorting the bright red aircraft over every British city, town and village.

UPDATE: We understand the provisions HMS Queen Elizabeth has been loaded with include Brandy and small biscuits.

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Ho Ho Ho


Wishing all the best and a happy Christmas to all the members of our British armed forces.
It’s been a busy and productive year for the Royal Navy in particular and I hope as many of the RN, RM, and RFA can be with their friends and family this Christmas.

Dan Forrester

I hope NORAD tracks Santa is aware of this asset.


WHAT! No PUDDING!!!??? What kind of jerrymandered resupply mission IS this?


captain P Wash.

Right, Stop It Now, It’s really not funny anymore.

captain P Wash.

Well just shoot me now then. ( Obviously you could just ban me again though )


Good idea…your contributions in the past were, at best, appalling!


Agree, quite boring. Try sticking to actual news. That might be good.


Jeez do people really not have a sense of humour any more. I say keep it up UKDJ, keep it up. The rest of us found it funny.

Levi Goldsteinberg

Is she delivering Storm Shadows to Madrid?


I’m disappointed in myself that I read this totally confused and didn’t pick up on it until reading Sleigh Take Off which I had to read two or three times

The riddler


captain P Wash.

Ha, Really ? Lol

Rob Richardson

Take more water with it . Ho Ho


Anybody been watching the QE on BBC2

Daniele Mandelli

Poor. Not caught!


STOVL = Sleigh take off and Vixen landing apparently

Tony Smith

Very good ho ho ho


i only got interested when they mentioned vixens !!!

Aethelstan the Curious.

I’m still looking forward to the code rednose identified flying object with it’s unique organic propulsion system flying over ours.


Give it a rest…..


Oh stop it and grow up…I’m fed up with this nonsense

Anton Whittingham

Thing is though, I take it the they are using the ‘B’version of the sleigh? Rolling vertical landing I hope?

David E Flandry

” elf sufficient” Ho ho ho.
Ok, enough now.


This is pretty poor.

Both the RN and the RAF are involved, what are the army doing, eh? Are they feart of this:

We do have about a half million red deer spare in Scotland if they want to start training …

John West

I just love George’s one word response to any grumpy comments on his Christmas articles.

Keep it up George 🙂

Tony Smith

Well done George, your good elf!

David Steeper

My god it must be to early in the morning (and the month) but I didn’t get it till I read the comments !

Tony Hodgson

I heard the SAS and the SBS were on standby to provide close protection


Santa’s Air Service and Santa’s Boat Service presumably

Daniele Mandelli

Brilliant! Flag this.


Hi folks hope are all well,
Maybe she (HMS.QE) can pay a visit to Russia bearing seasonal gifts, what a tester that would be. Can you imagine the psychological impact this would have, also have a party on board! Now that would give Putin something to think about. Those British aren’t so bad after all.

Daniele Mandelli

I think this sort of thing is a brilliant idea in an ideal world.

Sadly there would be frogman all over the place as she sails into Severamorsk.

Remember Buster Crabb?


Poor old Buster…lost his head when under stress!

Daniele Mandelli

Evening Herodotus…
Another like me browsing a thread a year old!

Tony Smith

Should not be a problem as we fitted a new snowed array to HMS Magpie on her last refit.


Happy Christmas everybody…wishing you all a brexit merry christmas (had to get brexit in didn’t I?)

Cam Hunter

It’s disgusting how we have to send HMS Queen Elizabeth into the area “just in case” they need an Emergency landing spot!. And why Can’t the Germans or Greeks sort out the dam logistics! They were after all the Nations who started these crazy exercises!!….. The Royal Navy better be sending a nice big bill to them for this…… Disgusting and shameful work….

David E Flandry

Actually, I think the pilot of the special transport mission had his origin in the Netherlands. Ok, that’s sort of Germanic.


Maybe UKdefencejournal should look up the meaning of “secretive” ffs !!!!


Just hope the Jolly Old Elf in his stealth airframe doesn’t get his posterior shot down by NORAD. They’re kind of itchy fingered triggerwise these days… 😀

Cheers and Happy Christmas!


My previous post is especially true THIS YEAR!