The fourth of five new Offshore Patrol Vessels being built for the Royal Navy has been officially launched on the Clyde in Glasgow.

The ‘launch’ consisted of lowering the vessel into the water from a special barge, the barge picked up Tamar from Govan, just up the river from Scotstoun, last week.

A mixed Royal Navy-civilian crew will put the 2,000-tonne vessel through her paces off the west coast of Scotland after months of training and preparation.

Additionally, previously launched OPV Medway should move to Portsmouth early in the new year say the Royal Navy.

“We on HMS Medway are extremely excited for the challenges ahead and the imminent sea trials – and subsequent first entry into Portsmouth,” said Lt Cdr Harris in a release.

“My ship’s company continue to work hard to meet every future milestone and ultimately fulfil all the responsibilities required of her as she comes into service next year.”

By then, HMS Forth – the lead ship in the second generation of River-class vessels – should be back at sea. Problems with her have kept Forth in Portsmouth throughout the summer of 2018, but following rectifications by BAE, her crew are expected to move back on board in November with trials resuming in the second half of January.

The final ship in the class, HMS Spey, is due for launch soon say BAE.

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Lee H

Morning all So soon we will have all 5 platforms in the water and on trials (hopefully with fewer defects than the first one). Soon we will also have the outcome from the budget followed by MDP. This will tell us the shape of the future fleet and what HMG wants to do with it to meet the strategic outcomes and missions it has defined. We already know that Albion and Bulwark are safe. We already know that both carriers will become operational within the next 5 years. Everything else is pure assumption at this stage Do we stay at… Read more »

Steve M

I had to wait around 6 months for my PRMC a few years back.


It took me about 8 months back in 1999

andy reeves

took me 3 weeks in 1977


The results of the MDP will be irrelevant if we end up with a snap election.

andy reeves

pointless toys, the rivers are easily big enough, if weaponised,and big enough to be classed as corvettes or perhaps specialised asw light frigate platforms 9 more ships, best of all they are, ALREADY BUILT. upgraded would make the R.N a far more potent force. the latest sigma corvette is 10 meters longer than a river, same width and draught 6 knots faster has 20 more crew, yet comes with a 72mm main gun, two triple torpedo lauchers, two quad anti air launchers and exocet!

Gavin Gordon

Will they decide to flog a couple of the new OPSs off to Brazil at a knock down price – an offer you can’t refuse.

andy reeves

they’ve flogged off plenty before, pakistan buying all the type 21’s, which they are only just retiring brazil did very nicely with a couple of type 22’s and a helicopter carrier. romania had two t22’s as well, chile hasn’t done bad, a couple of the old counties(antrim, kent) a couple of hardly used t23’s and a 22 WE, ON THE OTHER HAND WOULDN’T DEMEAN OUR GOOD NAME WITH 2ND HAND SHIPS. WHEN IT COMES TO PROCUREMENT, THE U.K IS A SNOB.GOOGLENAVAL INACTIVE SHIPS REGISTER AND SEE WHAT AVAILABLE ON DONATION HOLD. THEN GOOGLE AMARG INVENTORY AND SEE WHAT THE U.K… Read more »


Oh how I do love whenever a new ship is launched.

God save the Royal Navy

andy reeves



Would it not be much simpler, and more importantly cheaper, to launch down a slipway? It’s almost as if they are deliberately making British shipbuilding as expensive and un-competitive as possible.

andy reeves

can’t beat the splas from a slipway


Would it not be much simpler, and more importantly cheaper, to launch down a slipway? It is almost as if they are deliberately making British shipbuilding as expensive and un-competitive as possible.

Captain P Wash

I Guess It depends on whether they have to build a Slipway !


There sits a gremlin in this site-our posts sometimes don’t appear straight away and we re-send resulting in double postings as above. Regards from Durban, Colony of Natal

Steve M

Mine only appear if I use my phone. Maybe my office network settings though.

andy reeves


john martin

In 1962 September ? I joined on Monday and left on the Friday for JLR Bovington Dorset. The best of times.

andy reeves

i was about 3 weeks old!

andy reeves


Cam hunter

We should fit the last two with a bigger gun and some anti ship missiles, better warfare suit, and maybe a double torpedo tube, maybe some anti air missiles aswell, a corvette or 10 corvettes is what the navy could use. it could be done but at a cost. Ooops I’m thinking out loud!