India has cleared a proposal to buy 145 M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzer artillery guns from BAE Systems in a deal worth an estimated $750 million.

Under the deal, 120 of the 145 guns will be assembled in India, said the source, who asked not to be identified in line with defence ministry rules.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to upgrade the country’s military hardware by replenishing its range of artillery weapons after years of delays in ordering new equipment.

The M777 howitzer is a towed 155mm artillery piece, since 2005 successor to the M198 howitzer in the United States Marine Corps and United States Army.

The M777 is also used by the forces of Canada and Australia. It made its combat début in the War in Afghanistan.

The M777 is manufactured by BAE Systems’ Global Combat Systems division. Prime contract management is based in Barrow-in-Furness in the UK as well as manufacture and assembly of the titanium structures and associated recoil components. Final integration and testing of the weapon is undertaken at BAE’s facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

A senior Indian defence ministry official said:

“DAC has approved progressing of ongoing case of procurement of 145 ultralight howitzers through the foreign military sales (FMS) route from US. DAC directed independent progressing of offset. The delivery of these guns will be in India which will help in substantial saving of transportation cost.”

The M777 began as the Ultralight-weight Field Howitzer, developed by VSEL’s armaments division in Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom. This company was bought by BAE which ended up responsible for design, construction and assembly (through its US-based, BAE Systems Land and Armaments group). The M777 uses about 70% US-built parts including the gun barrel manufactured at the Watervliet Arsenal.

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David B Jones

Well that’s the overseas aid budget spent.

UK Defence Journal

Hi, the UK doesn’t give overseas aid to India.

Michael Karl Dawes

The U.K. No longer sends bilateral aid to India but Britain’s aid budget is the mainstay for funding UN and NGO budgets that do provide aid, so indirectly we are providing some funds but not much.

Still… Nice timing, it’s all exports!

Dave Crook

Good news for Barrow

Peter Daly

Wont see this on the news !

UK Defence Journal

Why wouldn’t it be on the news? It was on the news this morning.

Peter Daly

I have been watching the news all day and have not seen it ! My point being that the Country is free falling into the abyss according to the bias media with one sided assumptions when there is good news for the Economy happening !

Peter Daly

still not seen it !

UK Defence Journal

So? Just because you’ve not seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. No offence intended but why do you believe that India ordering artillery from the US would be headline news in the UK?

Peter Daly

Relax there , I didnt say it didnt happen ! I didnt say that it was headline news either. It was you who stated it was on and I am stating that I havent seen it all day !

UK Defence Journal

“Wont see this on the news”, it was on the news.

Peter Daly

“No offence intended but why do you believe that India ordering artillery from the US would be headline news in the UK” ? it was on the news !!!

Jack William Millen

Refreshing, seems like all of India’s military acquisitions of late have been stronk Russian tech…not that it’s a criticism

lovely news… …as long as your not on the receiving end!

Paul Twitchett

That’s india’s overseas aid gone then

Ron Walker

Don’t worry we’ll give some more Paul Twitchett?

Leigh Scott

Ron Walker we still pay for there space program

Nitin Prajapati

Peanuts ??

Marc Graham

Will the purchase get cancelled before it arrives??


India has an independent space program, and no country is funding it.