India will today conduct a test firing of Nirbhay, their first indigenous cruise missile.

This would be the third developmental trial of nuclear-weapons capable Nirbhay, which has an operational range of 1,000 km.

Nirbhay is a long range cruise missile with a range of 1000km. It weighs about one tonne and has a length of 6 metres and is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The surface version of Nirbhay missile was test fired for the first time on in 2013 where it veered away from its trajectory forcing the command centre to detach the engine from the missile mid way into the flight, resulting in a failed test.

The missile will be tested at at the Integrated Test Range in Chandipur.

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All built on our foreign aid.

Hi Matthew, the money for this came from private companies. British foreign aid to Indian charities has now stopped, the fund in question were not enough for this programme let alone much else.

Max Baker

We can’t even build our own long range missiles we are falling behind really badly now

We most certainly can, there is however no need to do so alone.

Max Baker

I don’t think we have any …. We’ve been using American tomahawk for a very long time now

John Francis

private companies ! would help if the Indian authority gave a shit about the state of there rivers and environment etc before rockets, but I suppose we have to revamp the artillery as to keep up with the Jones etc

Rizwan Rao

The test has failed 😀

UK Defence Journal

Has it?

Rizwan Rao

Yes. I read on an Indian News page

Rizwan Rao

It was a mid-air failure.

Rizwan Rao

The mission was aborted after 700 second.

David L Thomas

Nice not,,, hope this doesn’t get on Pakistan wick remember that a local Nulcear conflict between the 2 (about 120 each) would be a global game changer and threat to all of us rather than being localized.

manu tony

yepp..thats true. it deviates from the actual the missile was terminted midway and allow it to fall into the sea.

Mahesh Reddy

your aid is nothing to our country you better watch your economy