Iraqi officials temporarily seized a military aircraft carrying weapons for Canadian special forces in Kurdistan.

Iraq said they held the Canadian Forces Hercules carrying supplies into Kurdistan for four days.

Some Iraqis are concerned that the Kurds will use the weapons they receive from the US-led coalition to eventually break away.

Department of National Defence spokesman Evan Koronewski said:

“While flying in support of Operation Impact, a CC-130 Hercules was denied onward movement to Erbil, Iraq, by authorities at Baghdad International Airport, due to an issue with customs documentation with respect to its cargo.”

No equipment or cargo was confiscated by Iraqi authorities.

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Jonathan Cole
5 years ago

The Iraqis are deluded. They are worried about Kurdistan breaking away? They are lucky to have an Iraq that isn’t part of the ‘Islamic state’

Ren Yang
5 years ago

Can they prevent IS from attacking the Kurds?

Graeme Robertson
5 years ago

They should remove all weapons from all Muslims that are killing each other