Islamic State have lost 45% of their territory in Iraq and 10% of their territory in Syria.

In early August 2014, Islamic State attacked Kurdish territory in northern Iraq and captured three towns. Consequently, the US and UK started supplying the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga forces with weapons. There have also been sporadic clashes between ISIL fighters, and US and Canadian troops, several thousand of whom are acting in advisory and combat roles with Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

It is understood that Islamic State had lost 45% of the maximum territory they had gained in Iraq in December 2014, to Iraqi and American-led Coalition forces.

Counter-offensives by Iraqi and Kurdish armed forces, supported by the US-led coalition and by Iran backed Shiite militias have forced IS out of several cities — including Tikrit, north of Baghdad and Ramadi.

In Syria, IS is fighting the army of President Bashar Assad and other rebel groups opposed to his rule.

It is facing air strikes by the US-led coalition and by Russia which has sent aircraft to support its ally, the Syrian government.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last month said 2016 will be the year of “final victory” on the hard-line group.

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Pete Harrison

and probably gained territory in europe as loads of them have invaded as refugees!!

Michael Thomas

No, they haven’t gained a square foot in Europe.

David Anthony Simpson

What a stupid statement to make


Does this web site have to follow most of the rest of the UK media in helping spread Daesh propoganda? Sorry to word it so strongly but there are subliminal messages conveyed when you call them “Islamic State” when they are neither a true reflection of Islamic values nor an officially recognised state. In fairness you have plenty of company since the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and many of the national newspapers do the same. Maybe all the broadcasters and newspapers think the British public are far too stupid to be able to adapt if they start calling these scumbags… Read more »


Isil: are as Islamic an expression as any other. They draw on historical precedent and have strong Koranic backing. In fact they are in many ways a more pure expression of early Islam than many modern versions. Theologically the Koran is very pliable, far more so than other holy books, particularly the Torah, Tanakh or New Testament. Liberals in West choose to believe ISIL are an aberration and that Islam is fundamentally the same as Christianity or Judaism, the truth is quite different. Firstly, what right does anyone have to say one thing is or isn’t Islamic? Is this not… Read more »

Michael Karl Dawes

Well done to the Iraq army . It was a very shaky start when they retreated to Baghdad , but they have shown resilience here, taking casualties and making progress to reclaim cities.