Israel has shot down a Syrian jet with surface-to-air missiles after the aircraft crossed into Israeli airspace.

“This is a blatant violation of the 1974 separation agreements between Israel and Syria,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

“We will not accept any intrusion or spillage into our territory, either from the ground or from the air.”

The jet, either a Sukhoi 22 or 24, crashed on the Syrian side of the fence in the Golan Heights and it was unclear what happened to the pilot or pilots, Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus told journalists according to local media.

A Syrian military source confirmed Israel had fired at one of its aircraft but said the fighter had been carrying out operations against jihadists over Syrian territory.

Israel “targeted one of our warplanes… in Syrian airspace”, the source said, cited by state news agency SANA.

State media in Damascus gave no account of the fate of the plane or the pilots.

According to Conricus, the plane left from the T4 airbase in central Syria before heading towards the Israeli-occupied Golan. Israel’s military monitored the plane throughout and shot it down with two Patriot missiles, Conricus said.

This is the first time Israel shot down a manned Syrian jet since 2014.


  1. “This is a blatant violation of the 1974 separation agreements between Israel and Syria,”

    “We will not accept any intrusion or spillage into our territory, either from the ground or from the air.”

    The irony of it.

    • Morning Sole.

      I agree actually.

      I have nothing against Israel or their right to exist. But that should equally apply to the Palestinians. Western hypocrisy applies to Israel and the Middle East as well as to Russia.

      Israel violates Syrian airspace with impunity. The technological differences are astounding how western technology negates Syrian air defences.

      • Good Afternoon Daniele

        You’re spot on

        Imo citing agreements which they blatantly break themselves on a regular basis just shows how detached they are from the rest of the western world, an apartheid state that’s in the middle of ethnically cleansing a population and consistently breaks international law will tell bare faced lies to the worlds press, and on this occasion just shows blatant hypocrisy and expect to get away with it.

        On the other side of that though, it gives me hope seeing tens of thousand of Jews, Muslims and Christians coming together to protest against the current racist, apartheid regime of Netanyahu in Tel aviv recently.

  2. I have no problem in Israel taking out assads forces in syrian air space, although yes they go too far on the Palestinians, they dont use chemical warfare on people and drop barrel bombs.

    I think assad got to confident with having Russias support this time.

  3. Wow this story is 2 days old. Why write about it now ? As for some of you having a go at Israel. If you have half a brain you’d wish we could swap Armies and Airforces with them ! Anything that pees off Assad (his airforce) and Putin (his aircraft) is fine by me.

    • Maybe because this is an independent website in the U.K. Anybody with half a brain cell would of known that this website hardly has journalists in all areas of the world waiting for breaking news.

      It’s reported news for this community on British defence, it’s usually always behind mainstream news outlets in its news.

      The only reason it would be a problem would be if you were that much of a halfwit you actually think that a website called would be on the same page as the BBC.

      “If you have half a brain you’d wish we could swap Armies and Airforces with them ! “

      Why? If you’re going to make a bold statement like that back it up with a bit of detail. If you don’t you sound like you have half a brain.

      “Anything that pees off Assad (his airforce) and Putin (his aircraft) is fine by me.”

      What on Earth is that?

      Even though it’s amusing, the amount of people that comment on this site with the iq of a cockroach really is getting tedious.

      Can’t you stick to your Facebook page with all your friendly scumbags and comment amongst yourselves, and leave the people in society with more than 4 brain cells to discuss important matters.

      And dave12 for your comment “well said” really makes you look as thick as the person that commented.

      And a quick shoutout to Stephen, who I presume is also Stephen G, who got shouted from this website for going on a one man crusade against non white british. Who is now on a one man crusade against the “foreign aid” budget. He’s commented on it 10 times in 2 days.

      Here’s a great tip for you Stephen, fuck off you brain dead prick no one has replied to any of your 10 comments over the last 2 days about the foreign aid budget.

      And you know what, just to piss you off, I’ve just emailed my MP requesting he campaigns for an increase in the foreign aid budget.

      I would love for it to increase just for your stupid head to implode.

      Have a great evening the rest of you Xxx

      • Are you really on assad and russias side after all they have done in the last 4 years???? not every one on here will agree with you, there is no need to be abusive anyways.
        Apart from that Russian troll T.H

          • Russia is in Syria at the behest of an Ally.

            Apparently it is perfectly OK for the USA to back Israel to the hilt but not OK for Putin to back his ally Assad. It is Ok for the west to deploy all over the Middle East but not Ok for Russia to have a presence in Syria.

            Sure both men may well be S.O.B’s and dreadful things have happened. Assad is also fighting terrorists, the terrorists the west fight too. He is also fighting terrorists whom the west conveniently call rebels when it suits.

            Russia uses its submarines and aircraft to probe NATO, just as NATO does the same to Russia!

            Russia is paranoid, and rightly so, after what happened to it in the Great Patriotic War. Most people in the west have no idea what they suffered and the scale of the struggle against Nazi Germany. They just see Hollywood movies and think the USA won.

            Russia is involved in proxy wars on its doorsteps and moved into Crimea, territories it owned just a few years ago as part of the USSR.
            Areas in its area of influence, with pro Russian and Russian populations.

            Meanwhile the west has got involved all over the Middle East over the last 26 years.

            Russia may well been involved in the shoot down of that airliner over Ukraine.
            The USN blew an Iranian airline out the sky in 1988.
            Russia is the big bad wolf for that the US one was an accident and all forgotten.

            I don’t include the Salisbury poisonings in this list as I do believe the Russians may well have their fingers on that.

            Sure Putin may be a potential enemy. NATO should beware and should be prepared just in case.

            But the hypocrisy of the west is laughable.

            In fact, I’d say I wish we had a leader of Putins steel. Would he bend over to the EU like our lot?

    • Assad aided by Putin and Turkey plus the theocratic fascists of Persia, have enabled the deaths of more than 700,000 of his ‘own’ people and placed another 7.5 million in refugee camps. Israel has treated many thousands of this civil war’s civilian casualties in its hospitals. But here the glib false equivalence reigns. Israel are Syria are the same. The area that this aircraft was overflying is controlled by Iranian Revolutionary guards (so-called Hezbollah) so I think we can discount the ‘seeking jihadists’ line.

  4. Putin s steel are you having a laugh he melted when Turkey shot the Russian plane down .. In reality he was seriously weak .. Time and time again ,last year he quoted the West dare not bomb Syria he’s full of bull

    • Yes I know! I did not word that too well did I!
      He stands up for Russia, he is popular.
      I feel we do not have similar leaders who have the domestic popularity he does.

          • I think it is pretty much 100% of the reason. Russian people are suffering with poor pay, poor infrastructure and pretty bad living conditions and a total lack of democracy. Yet they still think Putin is doing a good job? They only think this because all the problems are shown as being due to a war on Russia by the west. Basically everything the public like is all down the Putin and everything they don’t like is purely the wests fault. If that is practically all you are fed as news then many people have to accept it. Also if you do not accept it then you stand to suffer more so hey if someone asks then you just say “Putin is the best” and go about your day. So you have a combination of those that believe the Russian News and those that do not believe it but are unlikely to voice their opinions. (After all, pretty much any anti-putin protests are banned by Russian law!)

          • Yes, Lee1, rather like any protest by a Labour party member against Corbyn is banned by ‘Momentum Law’. Communism is Communism is Communism – it has no grey areas. That is where democracy appears weak but it has traditionally been the argument for personal freedom that has won the day. Sadly, I think that day is growing shorter …

          • @Derek,

            Communism is not the issue as such. It is a flawed system but does not necessitate the need for a dictatorship. In fact Marx specified this in his manifesto. So if a country is not democratic then it is not technically communist. Obviously in practice most communist leaning governments become dictatorships in one way or another.

            On the subject of Momentum. I see them as one of the real dangers in modern Britain. They scare me a great deal and I just hope they never come to power as I can see that turning out very bad indeed. I just don’t think the majority of people who vote for them really have any idea how dangerous their ideals are to our society. They remind me a little of the Hitler Youth.

      • Solesurvivor You have been watching too much RT news or may be you have stockholm syndrome it seems sticking up for mafia run state that used chemical weapon novichoks on uk soil,,

    • Lee1

      I have been a member of Momentum for 18 months

      Can you clarify what you mean when you say I remind you of the Hitler youth please?

  5. Lee1

    If you think that Putin’s support comes from A government controlled press and feared internal security services “100% of the reason” he is popular then you clearly have absolutely no idea on Russian life or domestic politics from the early 90’s.

    I advise you to read chapter 3 of Frederick William Engdahl’s book ‘full spectrum dominance’ titled ‘the rape of russia’

    Read about the genesis of the Russian oligarchs, the absolute shocking way Yeltsin was running the country, real corruption on an industrial scale, the plunder of Russian gold, the privatization coupon scam.

    Putin had a long March to turn Russia into a functioning economy, and is respected by the masses for a number of reasons.

  6. “On the subject of Momentum. I see them as one of the real dangers in modern Britain. They scare me a great deal and I just hope they never come to power as I can see that turning out very bad indeed. I just don’t think the majority of people who vote for them really have any idea how dangerous their ideals are to our society. They remind me a little of the Hitler Youth.”

    Who exactly votes for momentum?

    People like you who are shit scared of momentum really make me laugh, I joined up because I respect the way they try to get the youth of the country involved in politics, it’s full of young people who have felt disengaged from the political establishment. And clearly we are doing something right because other sided of the political spectrum are starting the same groups styled on momentum to engage their youth supporters.

    I don’t mind having a grown up debate with you about this and I really would like to know how you are equating momentum to the hitler youth, to say i am offended and disgusted by that comment on a public forum is an understatement, from someone who I have enjoyed reading comments from on defence issues as well is particularly disappointing.

    • You repeatedly equate people’s intelligence to things such as roaches. Also saying that anyone you do not believe is as “intelligent” or “informed” as yourself should self censor and be silent. Considering you seem to define intelligent and informed by being in near total agreement with you. On everything from Brexit, US and Israeli foreign policy, US domestic politics where you accused the President of being a “sex pest”, to the Labour Party and Saint Corbyn and his acolytes Momentum.
      Your offense and disgust is immaterial to debate and irrelevant on a defense site. While also being the sign of a maladjusted person.

      • Copy and paste the comment I made comparing someone’s inteligence to roaches.

        Look at you replying randomly to me 😂

        I must of touched a nerve the last few times I’ve replied to, when I pointed out how wrong you were and you never replied back.

        Don’t get upset mate.

        I’ve been in plenty of healthy debates on this site, plenty of heated ones as well. But unless the opinion is totally wrong I will always respect it.

        And what on Earth do you do ok this site Elliot, you sanctimoniously rant under any comment that has a hint to do with the good ole US of A, you either try and correct people or rant about how wrong they are on America, and when you don’t like it you revert to snide attacks on Britain.

        You’re on a British defence blog you sad man looking for an argument about America. Get a life.

        Where do you get the time from.

        • “Even though it’s amusing, the amount of people that comment on this site with the iq of a cockroach really is getting tedious.“
          “Can’t you stick to your Facebook page with all your friendly scumbags and comment amongst yourselves, and leave the people in society with more than 4 brain cells to discuss important matters.”
          Public site, public forum so until they turn UKDJ private no.
          Or from the gem from the other day –
          “I eat stupid pricks like you for breakfast when trying to preach regime change wars and interventions as a crusade for the good of humanity.“ – I almost died laughing at that one. Eventually I stop because you just become a caricature of the Left and a typical but “communism was never done right type” who is incapable of acknowledging a different point of view.
          You whine when you are offended despite constantly giving offense instead of reasoned argument.
          I read and comment here because the only other European language I speak is Spanish and the state of their defense journalism is abysmal. I read it for the news on both British and European defense. Which interests me because one NATO, and two one of my children lives in Britain so the state of it’s defense I find concerning.
          Also as to where I get the time? Their are benefits to being semi-retired. Meaning I only work when I am bored and feel like it. As for me getting a life? Already got one and despite it’s ups and downs a long and more blessed one than I had reason to expect or deserve.
          On me being sanctimonious? Glass houses, pots and kettles and all that.

          • I already replied to correct my first comment but never came through obviously.

            He implied that i have half a brain so it was a retaliatory comment.

            You are full of assumption and guesswork, you are labeling me because it suits your agenda and you do not have anything else to give and you fail to get the better of me in a normal debate.

            First of all i am not on the “left” I refuse to be drawn into this pathetic culture war that has infested the US and the UK, I have very right wing views on a number of things like immigration.

            It’s like me calling you a caricature of the right and a fascist right wing racist nut job, I have not have i because i do not do what people like you and people on the “left” do, two cheeks of the same arse, constantly whining and calling each other names. If anybody does not agree with you then they are this and that, labeling everyone into groups and viewpoints, it’s pathetic tribalism.

            Have you noticed that I only call people “idiot or Numpty” or something else, with you it is sometimes “prick” because you are following me around like a bad smell, but can you see its never political with me, you are obsessed with it.

            I’ll say it again Elliot, you don’t like it because I have shown you up on here for jumping into debates all guns blazing and giving sanctimonious rants and then being corrected, then you run away and never comment on it again.

            Classic example being the hard soft power debate and there has been a few others.

            And the reason it hurts you so much is because my views are different from yours and I do not hold a good view of Donald Trump, you mention him all the time with me so I know it hurts, by all means defend him if that is your point of view, but because you are part of his cult following no one is allowed to say anything bad about him without you jumping in attacking people.

            Another reason is because you have seen that I am a labour member and voter in the past, you have seen me debating about Brexit, you have pre judged me like that numpty below “typical but “communism was never done right type” that is the level of stupidity I am dealing with here.

            Imagine if I said anyone I ever deal with who holds a different view is the fascist type, you know white being the superior race type of thing. That is what you do when you cannot win, divert to labeling someone of the extreme variety to try delegitimize their view or point.

            Point being my post above, I could of easily reverted to politics and culture but I did not.

            Have you ever noticed it is you that is replying to my comments trying to correct me 95% of the time Elliot. And always bringing this boring left and right thing into it.

            Grow up and seriously get a better life, not everyone cares about yours and some on the lefts crusade about getting one over on the other one. It’s seriously pathetic.

            I have always replied to comments on defence and politics without trying to attack the “right” or “left” not once, it is you who is the only one attacking the other side in general here. It is you whining about the other side, it is you whining about the “left” it is you whining about “socialists”.

            And you have the cheek to say it is me always whining, no Elliot it’s called disagreeing with someones point without referring to their political point of view or culture, something you and a many on the “left” cannot grasp.

      • Infact don’t bother I’ve just read what I put above about IQ of a cockroach 😂

        It was a week ago but my comment still stands, find another one.

        And he implied I have half a brain actually so it was a retaliatory comment that was justified in my opinion. Accusing someone of having half a brain for having an opinion different to theirs.

        Where’s your comment to him with the faux outrage.

    • ” I joined up because …”

      No you joined up because you like to do totalitarian coercion to other persons.
      You don’t see limits of power. Marxists don’t have that concept.
      A Marxist entitles himself to do anything to everyone as they see fit.
      It is a Social Supremacist ideology.

      Why Marxists don’t build a commune with other people that agree instead of wanting to force everyone to be socialists? producing thing, sharing things.

      Instead Marxist like you make deals every day with corporations and multinationals they say they hate.

      Without Coercion there is no Socialism.

      This goes back to the anti-semitism of Karl Marx – he defended the end of Jews – and the reason Corbyn and Momentum hates Jews – because Jews are a problem for Socialists like you, since they will not fully disappear in a socialist society where everyone is supposed to be equal. So not human.

      Incidental was in Israel that was a small attempt of socialists of respecting different people : kibbutz. Only went there who wanted to be part of it. Of course one more reason for you to hate the Jews.

      • Where on earth are you getting this from you lunatic, i’m not a “marxist”

        That has got to be one of the most craziest rants I have ever heard on here.

        I have never once labelled myself as anything because it’s so hard to do in this age of politics, I aim for a slightly more socialist model of the Nordic version of capitalism, which would only include more public ownership of vital public services like water and train transport, everything else is free market. In fact I have never once spoken to anyone in Labour or Momentum who wants anything different. If you know me on here I also have very right wing views on a number of things that is why I don’t label myself.

        So you could not be more wrong in your assumption.

        And what a surprise you bring up the antisemitism card

        “reason Corbyn and Momentum hates Jews”

        What a stupid thing to say, when you say something like that it really makes me wonder what kind of person you are. The 1st August 2018, will go down in history as the day the British establishment slandered deceased Jewish Auschwitz survivor and Palestine supporter, Hajo Meyer, in order to smear lifelong anti-racism campaigner Jeremy Corbyn, as an antisemite.

        All this because Labour never put every single example of antisemitism on its code of conduct, you know the stupid one that says if you compare Israel to Nazi Germany you’re antisemitic, more examples of the Israeli thought police trying to censor any criticism of Israel.

        You cannot provide me with any evidence whatsoever of your claim that Corbyn and Momentum hates jews, go on give me some example.


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