Two attackers with knives have attempted to stab Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron this evening.

It is reported that one soldier has sustained light imjuries while the other soldier shot and killed both of the attackers.

Hebron exists in a strange situation, following the 1995 Oslo Agreement the city was split into two sectors H1 and the Israeli controlled H2.

Under the terms of agreement, the Israeli Defence Forces may not enter H1 unless under Palestinian escort. Palestinians cannot approach areas where settlers live without special permits from the IDF. The Israeli settlement is claimed by some to be illegal although the Israeli government disputes this.

It has also been reported that Israeli troops demolished the Hebron home of a Palestinian jailed for killing a Jewish settler in a knife attack late last year, the demolition of the home of was accompanied by clashes.

Israeli media reported a spike in hostile activity this week, as have Palestine Authorities.

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