A Palestinian who stabbed an Israeli soldier has been shot dead by security forces in Hebron, Israeli authorities said, as a five-week wave of violence continues.

Police said the Palestinian stabbed the soldier in the head in the city of Hebron. The soldier was lightly wounded, the military said.

Hebron exists in a strange situation, following the 1995 Oslo Agreement the city was split into two sectors the Palestinian H1 and the Israeli controlled H2.

Under the terms of agreement, the Israeli Defence Forces may not enter H1 unless under Palestinian escort. Palestinians cannot approach areas where settlers live without special permits from the IDF. The Israeli settlement is claimed by some to be illegal although the Israeli government disputes this.

It has also been reported that Israeli troops demolished the Hebron home of a Palestinian jailed for killing a Jewish settler in a knife attack late last year, the demolition of the home of was accompanied by clashes.

Hebron has been the site of days of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli troops, and also the scene of several stabbing attacks by Palestinians.

Israel says the wave of violence is the result of Palestinian incitement. But Palestinians say it is the result of frustration stemming from nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation.

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