A Member of Parliament has incorrectly claimed that there are no Royal Navy vessels in Scottish waters, despite the presence of frigates, submarines, support vessels, patrol vessels and of course, a major Royal Navy base on the Clyde.

With a sensational slip of the tongue this MP has dismissed close to 20 vessels and over 100,000 tonnes of shipping.

Pictured above is a submarine and frigate engaged in an exercise near the Firth of Clyde, which by the way, is in Scotland.

In fact, why not have a look for yourself? Note that some naval vessels may not be visible if they turn off the system that allows for them to show up on this real time map, however many are still visible.

Royal Navy Vanguard Class submarine HMS Vigilant on the Clyde.

Alan Brown, Member of Parliament for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, is the SNP Westminister spokesperson on Transports, Infrastructure and Energy. Brown asked during an Oral Answers to Questions session on Defence in the House of Commons, on the 26th November:

“If we look at the here and now, the Defence Committee report, ‘On Thin Ice: UK Defence in the Arctic,’ confirms that the UK should focus more on its operability and presence in the Arctic. Right now, there are currently no Royal Navy vessels in Scottish waters and no indication of any resources being applied. Should not the Minister be doing more to protect Scottish waters?”

HMS Penzance (pictured here leaving Faslane) and other ships of her class carry one 30mm gun and two smaller machine guns to deal with armed threats.

Mark Lancaster, The Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence, replied:

“Let us be clear, there are lots of Royal Navy vessels in United Kingdom waters and, of course, any implementation of a Scottish strategy would be done within the realms of a United Kingdom strategy. I am pleased to say that earlier this year, for example, I visited HMS Trenchant on ICEX, in which it was the first British submarine in over 10 years to serve under the ice. Only this year we have had Royal Marines training in Norway. That will continue year on year, and they are training US marines. I am quite comfortable, and I am grateful for the Defence Committee’s report, ‘On Thin Ice’ as a result of which our activity is increasing.”

HMS Astute and HMS St Alban’s off the West coast.

It should be noted that as we speak, there are British frigates, nuclear submarines, minesweepers, patrol vessels, auxiliary vessels, and even a survey vessel in Scottish waters.

The claim that there are no Royal Navy vessels in Scottish waters is categorically incorrect.

Let’s not forget that Faslane is home to a number of platforms, from patrol boats to nuclear submarines.



  1. When I see ‘a SNP spokesperson has said’… I generally get comfortable and bring out the popcorn. Bunch of pillocks.

  2. SNP spouting whoppers to have a moan about depived Scotland isn’t, how not very novel.
    I think I might have been slightly more sarcastic in my response to the MP.

  3. The snp are total and utter wallopers , they are the most idiotic lying ,self serving bunch of parasites (almost) ever to hold public office. Ignorant of facts delusional on what the sane MAJORITY in Scotland want and who I’m confident none of their politburo would be able to tell the difference between an F16 or an M16. So no surprise when they make intentional false claims like this.

  4. The SNP seem to be at the forefront of politicians who are willing to talk bollocks, safe in the knowledge that once their gullible followers have swallowed whatever it is they’re shoveling, the fact check will be lost in the ether and the message, no matter how absurd, will be accepted as true.

  5. Scotland does well from UK defence in general and the Navy in particular. All this stuff is just normal Nat grievance politics. They’re like the chick in the nest with the biggest mouth when it’s feeding time. Surely most of their supporters know this but the others who’s votes they need to win an indyref don’t. So what will happen when they do realise ? Well by then Scotland will be independent/free.

  6. This is the same party that does nothing but complain about there being naval ships in Scotland because they say it makes them a target!

  7. Hi folks hope all are well,
    Yes had to have a laugh at the statement. Of course once more the SNP have added one more silly comment to a list of matters that are not correct. It does begger believe that the SNP member can make such a comment. He must be thinking of a future of an independent Scotland where there will be little or no warships of significance under the SNPs defence plans.
    All the best,

  8. I can’t believe, anyone with any navy knowledge knows that there are vessels frequently in Scottish waters. We have our nuclear subs based there but we hardly raise the flag and sing as they come and go, they are a deterrent after all. Put this man in the bin along with Donald Trump

  9. The SNP policy is to spread disinformation like this because once out in the wild and on the Internet their supporters will believe it without question. Sadly the disinformation outruns any facts that disprove it.

  10. Sadly it has to be said that anyone who believes all the bull the SNP bring out (fake news folks) deserves to vote for independence. Then we shall see how they fare away from the Bossom of the rUK keeping Scotland propped up.
    Anyone in Scotland who reads this site, please please please spread the word. The SNP are deluded liars.

  11. It is not only the SNP pollies that know nothing about the Navy, pick a politician, any politician and you will probably come up with the same answer. They are all a bunch of pillocks.

    • But they don’t all waste parliamentary time asking stupid questions, or making stupid comments when they could probably have found the answer in the Benno.

  12. Why is the RN not more visible around the shores of the whole UK? It would be great to see, for example, a Type 45 or even a Type 23 or two from the North Bay in Scarborough from time to time. And think of the good that would do for recruitment. The boys and girls on the beach would be entranced. Me too! No wonder our politicos are “sea blind”. And when I was a lad we saw loads of RAF planes where I lived. Don’t see or hear much in North Yorkshire these days.

  13. Yet we have democratic SNP Government in Edinburgh for what their third term and are increasingly popular, and are third biggest party in the UK. But of course, you won’t know this been subjected to the uk media bias.

    So please all you union jackers/little ingerlanders please take your nuclear subs away and park them up the Thames or somewhere. You are welcome to them. Good luck with Theresa – the chicken maybot, that never answers a question and never appears in public apart from in front of friends at very staged meetings and visits, and all her big business pals.

  14. True, the only time I have seen a Type 45 outside Portsmouth was in Crete- but with the fleet stretched so thin, other duties must take precedence over public relations.

    • Would it not make sense to defend your own country rather than go to Asia where HMS Albion has just spent a 10 month deployment?


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