American, Canadian and other allied warships have left their home-ports to take part in British led NATO exercises off Scotland next month.

Joint Warrior is a UK-led multinational exercise that involves numerous warships, aircraft, marines and troops from allied nations around the world.

US Navy guided-missile destroyers USS The Sullivans and USS Ross, supply ship USNS William McLean and Canadian vessels HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Halifax are currently crossing the Atlantic to participate in Joint Warrior.

The exercise is held twice a year. Vessels from many European states will participate, Italian destroyer Andrea Doria is stopping in Brest before sailing to Faslane and is expected to arrive before most other European naval vessels.

Captain Cameron Hillier of Canadian Maritime Forces Atlantic said:

“Basically, it increases our chances to work inter-operability, enhance combat readiness for both ourselves and our Allies and our preparedness to address any Maritime security issues.”

Joint Warrior takes place twice per year, the first in April and the second in October. Aprils exercise was the biggest in terms of scale in the exercise’s history.

Fifteen countries took part in April’s Joint Warrior. More than 50 ships, 70 aircraft and 13,000 personnel were involved.

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Thomas Murray
6 years ago

How about a live fire drill in the Middle East.