Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin has announced a £48 million contract for next-generation workboats which will support both British ships and British jobs.

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Rob Collinson

Good news! Much needed but why wait until the first carrier had been completed?


Great news and one of the products I have been advocating for some time now.

Please lets stick with one size and then get more ordered for the Atlas Arcims Mine Countermeasures system. A hundred of these and we are in business.

Now for the CB90 for the Royal Marines and the Safeboats Mk6 for inshore patrols.

The RN really is starting to get its act together, just. a few final pieces to the jigsaw and a bit more scale and we are world class again.


Hi Pacman it’s good to hear a bit of positivity on here.

I agree things are starting to look good, just a few more sensible orders and a few things done differently and we are there. A good price and bigger order of the type 31 is the biggest for me.

I just hope nothing in the Navy is cut or reduced in this “review of a review” economy is still growing so not sure why it would.


This really is a good buy, hydrographic survey and minehunting as well, this could be a long term replacement for the minehunter fleet then surely.

11 to 18 meteres, I wonder if one would fit in the type 31 mission bay.


the 11m should easily and if as I would like we start having a CB90 onboard then that is 16m long. So we need to be considering these things now

3 Arcims on a T31 or 8-12 from the KD like Aeigir Joint support ship we have discussed for MCM ops is a real game changer for me.

Bloke down the pub

The crew transfer vessels for the Queen Elizabeth are built by Alnmaritec and have already been delivered.

A D de Mowbray

Why does the map not include Northern Ireland. Given its rich heritage in ship construction, it never ceases to amaze me when the Province is left off maps and images of the UK.


bore off!

David Steeper

Now come on children. Play nice or no ice cream. LOL