The Ministry of Defence has selected the Certifiable Predator B UAV, with some modifications, as part of its Protector drone programme.

The Certifiable Predator B aircraft has been selected for the ‘Protector’are expected to begin later this year, as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) announced that the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has selected the platform to fulfill the country’s ISTAR requirements.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems said in a press release:

“GA-ASI is proud to offer CPB, the next-generation Predator B, to the Ministry of Defence to satisfy its emerging requirements for a Reaper® replacement certified so that it will be capable, subject to developments in regulatory framework, to operate within unsegregated controlled airspace,” said David R. Alexander, president, Aircraft Systems, GA-ASI. Featuring enhanced safety and reliability systems, CPB will meet European airworthiness certification standards.

The Ministry of Defence’s selection of CPB follows the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review and the Prime Minister’s announcement of the government’s intention to replace Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper.

CPB has been down-selected as the only viable option capable of meeting the UK PROTECTOR programme’s key user requirements, including operations in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

The UK’s CPB procurement will occur through a hybrid Foreign Military Sales/Direct Commercial Sale agreement with the U.S. government.”

The platforms on order are thought to number around 20.

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Max Baker
5 years ago

Where is all this money comming from

New oatrol boats
New drones
2 carriers
Tyoe 26s
Type 31s
New apaches
A uograde program for the c2 tanks

Its good but we keep hearing the mod has run out of money

5 years ago

Mainly by not actually spending anything.

We are going to spend money on the drones, but not today. Same with the Type 26/31s, the apaches the most of the proposed upgrades.

Mike Pemberton
5 years ago

Only thing I can think is that it’s old money that had already been allocated before cuts

Martin Wood
5 years ago

We are spending the same. Most of our tanks are gone, Jaguar, Harrier, Nimrod , Sea Harrier , 3 aircraft carriers , half the Navy all went. Tornado is going, half the army has gone.