UK launches air strikes in Syria

Following the vote in the House of Commons last night, Tornado GR4 aircraft flew their first offensive operation against Islamic State targets inside Syria. Following the...

The Future of the Royal Air Force

With the Strategic Defence and Security Review not being out very long, let's take a look at the effect it will have on our air force.

France says Royal Air Force capabilities needed in Syria

British niche capabilities would make a difference in Syria French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.

A look at Britain’s new submarine hunter, the Poseidon

The P-8 Poseidon is designed to conduct anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and shipping interdiction.

British drones killed 305 Islamic State targets, no civilian casualties

British drones have killed around 305 Islamic State fighters in Iraq over the past year without harming any civilians, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

WATCH: Tornado strikes Islamic State position

On Thursday the 19th of November, a Tornado bomber used a Paveway bomb to destroy an Islamic State sniper position which had opened fire...

Sentinel completes 100th counter-IS sortie

The Sentinel R1 battlefield surveillance aircraft recently completed it's 100th sortie in counter-Islamic State operations. Sentinel forms a key part of the RAF'S Intelligence, Surveillance,...

Typhoon to get Storm Shadow, Meteor in 2018

According to Philip Dunne, Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Typhoon is to receive Storm Shadow and Meteor in 2018.

Prime Minister to get aircraft for official trips

The use of an RAF Voyager aircraft is expected to save about £775,000 per year as the plane will be cheaper than chartering flights.

RAF ‘would make a difference’ in Syria – Lord Richards

Lord Richards, former chief of the defence staff, said UK involvement in Syria could help give the campaign "oomph".



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