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How strong is Russia?

In this submission, Rebecca Campbell argues that the capabilities of Russian forces should not be underestimated.

The British Army doesn’t make much sense anymore

Whatever has happened to "defeat the enemy"?

MP publishes paper on improving life for service personnel

The UK Government is being urged to regularly review the pay and conditions for the armed forces.

‘Are you threatening us?’ asks British warship

Russia tried to force a British warship to alter course. It did not alter course.

Addressing Russian aggression in the Black Sea

NATO urgently requires a Black Sea strategy argues Robert Clark in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Disinformation being ‘weaponised at levels nobody imagined’

A paper has been published by Stewart McDonald MP setting out his assessment of disinformation activity in Scotland.

Why are British C-17s flying to Libya at night?

All of the flights are in and out of Libya within a few hours and have all taken place during the night points out @air_intel in this submission to the @UKDefJournal.

What will the Royal Navy’s new Vixen jets look like?

Carrier based 'Vixen' drones are being considered for a range of missions including combat, aerial refuelling and airborne early warning but what might they look like?

A ‘Global‌ ‌Britain’ must ‌be backed with global defence

If the UK wishes to pursue a 'Global Britain' policy it must back it with greater diplomatic and military presence.

The MoD was offered Leopard 2 tanks on lease

With Challenger 3, Stuart Crawford argues that the UK has relegated its self to the role of an off-the-shelf customer.



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