Veterans, can you help us?

Veterans a group of people that we should have, and always will have. Respect will always be due to their sacrifice and their service to...

Defence forecast: The transformation of in-service support over the next decade

Military assets and equipment are getting more complex, but for some roles they are actually becoming much simpler, while delivery and support is increasingly...

Why aren’t British Police Officers routinely armed?

A distinguishing feature of our country that astounds a lot of foreigners is our traditional, unarmed, British bobby.

The Type 31 Frigate: A Critical Analysis

A cheaper and general purpose frigate is the tagline that describes the Type 31 frigate, it has also been called the child of austerity but it could be more than it, it could be a ticking timebomb for the Royal Navy.

Transgender Service in the Military: Who cares?

If you’re willing to pick up a weapon, deploy thousands of miles away and potentially put your life on the line all in service to your country and democratic principles, then frankly it’s no ones business if you are transgender.

What threats could the Queen Elizabeth class carriers realistically face?

Experts and Politicians have debated the significance of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers since their inception and people have questioned whether their price is worth paying.

UK Defence Secretary: Royal Navy’s global reach expanding to unprecedented levels

The UK Defence Secretary has announced that the Royal Navy’s power projection capabilities are to increase such that Britain will have the power to defeat “any adversary” “on the seven seas of the world”.

The last few weeks in national security

Troops on the streets, a 24/7 cyber unit and a US style Department of Homeland Security - this has been an interesting couple of weeks for national security in Australia.

Britain in Bahrain – A Permanent British Base in the Persian Gulf

HMS Juffair, Britain's first permanent naval base in the Gulf since 1971, will soon enhance the capabilities of the British forces in the region and receive the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

Trident: Why have it?

Why use a nuclear deterrent?



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