The ‘Battleship’: Does it have a purpose in the 21st century?

This article explores the role of the Battleship and whether or not the vessel still has a place at sea.

The Kiev class ‘cruiser-carrier’ hybrid – A flawed design or ahead of its time?

The evolution of the Kiev class ‘cruiser-carrier’ hybrid from the days of the soviet union to its current role as an Indian Navy aircraft carrier.

Military manoeuvres & the prelude to a new cold war: Russian aggression or NATO’s...

NATO and Russia: In the last couple of years we have witnessed important military manoeuvres that demonstrate the heightened tensions between the two blocs.

North Korea – The End Game After War

With escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, some are starting to look to what would happen after a war with North Korea and what could be the hermit nations future.

The rise of China’s ‘blue water’ navy: Will the Pacific turn Red?

The rise of China as a maritime power was further enhanced by the news that China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier will be transferred from the dry dock of the Dalian shipyard, and will soon undergo trials and be fitted with systems to make her fully operational.

The North Korean crisis and the risk of nuclear war

Oliver Steward argues that there is a real concern that there is an increasing risk of war in the Korean peninsula, do you agree?

The Type 23 ‘Duke class’ Frigate: A Guide

The Type 23 programme originally arose in the late 1970’s, at the height of the Cold War.

British Forces in Nigeria – A Long Partnership in West Africa

Britain's partnership with Nigeria provides the Nigerian Armed Forces with the necessary skills to tackle and defeat terrorist organisations and also aid to thousands of displaced civilians.

Veterans group warns of EU Defence Union binding the UK in terms of Brexit

Defence and Security advisory group Veterans for Britain have warned of seven ways that they believe the EU Defence Union binds the UK in terms of Brexit.

Queen Elizabeth class carriers branded a ‘vanity project’, here’s why they’re not

A letter submitted to The Herald is being wildly shared as evidence that the new aircraft carriers are nothing more than a 'vanity project', but does the letter have any truth to it?



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