Dispute in German defence Ministry over choice of Typhoon or F-35 to replace Tornado

Earlier in the year, German defence ministry sources appeared to favour the F-35 to replace Tornado but now some have spoken out in favour of Typhoon

Russia downscales plans to modernise only aircraft carrier due to budget cuts

Plans to modernise the Admiral Kuznetsov have been downscaled due severe cuts to the Russian defence budget, according to Russian media reports.

Ukraine declares martial law after Russia fires on and seizes warships

Ukraine has declared martial law in response to Russian actions against its naval vessels and claims of a 'large scale invasion' being planned.

NATO member Turkey holds joint exercises with Russian Navy

The Russian Black Sea Fleet HAS held a joint exercise with the Turkish Navy.

Royal Navy chase off Spanish ship after it cuts across path of US Naval...

The Royal Navy were forced to chase off a Spanish vessel this morning as it cut across the path of a visiting US Naval vessel in Gibraltar.

Destroyer HMS Diamond and submarine HMS Talent hunt each other in the Mediterranean

The MoD say that HMS Diamond has recently been tested by Tornado, Typhoon and F-16 jets, plus E-3 surveillance aircraft and Voyager tankers in the skies above and around Cyprus.

British Government reaffirm importance of Gibraltar to UK defence

The signing of the Armed Forces (Gibraltar) Act marks an important milestone for both the UK and Gibraltar, say the British government.

Belgian firm sells advanced war room software to China

China has obtained software used by NATO for war room mapping, giving the country significant insight into how NATO powers conduct planning.

France brings back national service

The objective of the service is to "promote engagement of young people in the nation’s life, to value citizenship and reinforce social cohesion".

Sweden lodges protest after Russian jet comes within 20m of Swedish aircraft

Russia's ambassador to Sweden has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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