NATO patrols return to Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Turkish corvette Buyukada left the port of Aksaz as flagship to NATO's 'Operation Sea Guardian' focused patrols on the 21st of March.

North Macedonia joins NATO as 30th member

North Macedonia is NATO's newest member.

Second NATO C-17 arrives in Romania with 100,000 protective suits

A second C-17 filled with 45 tons of medical supplies has landed at Bucharest airport in Romania.

NATO ship 45 tons of supplies to Bucharest to fight Covid-19

A NATO C-17 military aircraft loaded with 45 tons of medical supplies landed at Bucharest airport from the Republic of Korea.

NATO allies examine response to Covid-19 outbreak

NATO ambassadors held a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Wednesday.

Russia to deploy a new Over-The-Horizon radar in Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad-based radar should "be capable of monitoring the entire territory of Europe, including the United Kingdom".

Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 modified in size and scope

In response to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the US military have modified exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 "in size and scope".

German military laptop with classified info sold on eBay

A used German military laptop with classified information on the Ozelot air defence system was purchased on eBay.

Statement from NATO on COVID-19

NATO have released a statement regarding Coronavirus.

Norway cancels Exercise Cold Response due to coronavirus

The Norwegian Armed Forces have decided to end NATO exercise Cold Response. The closure will be conducted in a "controlled matter".



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