Poland to take over NATO Air Policing in Baltics

The Polish Air Force is preparing to return to Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania, to lead the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission from January 2019 onwards.

NATO chief dismisses claim that Europe needs its own army

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was recently asked if Europe really needs a European Army?

NATO welcomes EU cooperation but advises ‘NATO is the bedrock for European security’

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed unprecedented levels of cooperation between the EU and NATO ahead of a meeting with the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Tuesday last week.

Ukraine declares martial law after Russia fires on and seizes warships

Ukraine has declared martial law in response to Russian actions against its naval vessels and claims of a 'large scale invasion' being planned.

President of Ukraine claims ‘large scale’ Russian invasion of country being planned

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, claims he has proof of a 'large-scale ground attack against Ukraine', according to local media.

What is happening in Ukraine?

The crisis began earlier after Russia stopped the three Ukrainian ships from entering the Sea of Azov via the Kerch Strait by placing a cargo ship beneath a Russian-controlled bridge.

Russia a greater threat to Britain than Islamic State says head of British Army

Chief of the General Staff, General Mark Carleton-Smith, has claimed that Russia is a greater threat to Britain than Islamic State.

Belgian firm sells advanced war room software to China

China has obtained software used by NATO for war room mapping, giving the country significant insight into how NATO powers conduct planning.

British Government reaffirm importance of Gibraltar to UK defence

The signing of the Armed Forces (Gibraltar) Act marks an important milestone for both the UK and Gibraltar, say the British government.

UK and northern European allies to tackle Russian disinformation

The UK and northern European allies have agreed to establish a multinational group of experts to tackle Russian disinformation, say the MoD.



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