Lockheed to deliver 60kW Laser to US Army

The 'Beam Combined Fibre Laser' is the most powerful laser of its type yet demonstrated.

Australia’s new Canberra class ships aren’t in very good shape

HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide – two of Australia's first Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Dock Ships that were commissioned by the Australian Defence Force to give the country a new level of capabilities – well that was the intention and today’s news wasn't the best to hear.

Sweden and Finland join UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon met his Swedish and Finnish counterparts at a signing event welcoming the two countries to the Joint Expeditionary Force.

Israel declares their F-35 fleet combat capable

The Israel Air Force declared its F-35 fleet operationally capable this week.

Operation Roundup hits Islamic State remnants in Iraq, Syria

Coalition partners have increased offensive activity against Islamic State targets in designated parts of Iraq and Syria throughout the months of May and June, say officials.

Russia ‘has thwarted’ two armed Ukrainian incursions into Crimea

Russia says it has thwarted two armed Ukrainian incursions into Crimea, following a "massive fire fight.. Ukraine denies the Russian claims.

North Korean missile test ‘appears to have failed’

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from its east coast but Kim Jong-un's test appears to have failed, officials in South Korea said. The missile, believed to be an intermediate-range Musudan missile, was launched at 6am on Wednesday (9pm UK time). In early 2016, roughly a month after an alleged hydrogen bomb test, North Korea claimed to have put a...

US donating two ships to the Philippines

US President Barack Obama says the US will transfer two ships to the Philippines to boost maritime security for the South-East Asian nation.

US Navy purchase additional Phalanx

Raytheon has received a $159 million contract from the US Navy for the Phalanx CIWS.

US successfully intercept missile with Ground-based Midcourse Defense system

The Ground-based Midcourse Defense system has successfully intercepted a threat representative of an intercontinental ballistic missile, demonstrating the system’s ability to detect, engage and destroy targets.



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