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US warship defies China, sails close to Chinese artificial island

A US Navy destroyer has sailed close to artificial islands built by China in the disputed waters of the South China Sea in defiance of China.

North Korean submarine missile test ‘catastrophic failure’

North Korea’s submarine-launched ballistic missile test appears to have been an explosive failure.

Australia to withdraw Super Hornets from strike missions in Iraq and Syria

The Australian Government has announced that it will be withdrawing its deployed fighter contingent of six F/A-18F Super Hornets from the Middle East in January following the successful liberation of Iraq from Daesh.

‘Shots fired’ in Munich shopping centre

A gunman is reportedly on the loose in Munich as police put a shopping centre into lockdown.

Lack of money causes Argentina to lose more combat aircraft ‘than in the Falklands...

Former Argentine defence minister Julio Martinez criticised government policies towards the Armed Forces saying a lack of funds has caused more loses than the Falklands War.

Experts doubt North Korean weapon was Hydrogen bomb

Doubt has been cast over claim North Korean nuclear device was Hydrogen bomb. North Korean media claimed that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, which...

Russia caught using image from game as ‘irrefutable evidence’ of US support for Islamic...

An image from the game 'AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron' has been used by the Russian defence ministry as ‘irrefutable evidence’ of cooperation between US forces and Islamic State militants in Syria.

Nigeria purchase A-29 Super Tucano aircraft, weapons, and associated support from the US

The sale includes all associated training, spare parts, aviation and ground support equipment, and hangar, facilities, and infrastructure required to support the program.

American supercarrier USS Harry S. Truman sails for sea trials

Supercarrier USS Harry S. Truman has departed for sea trials.

China have NOT sent an aircraft carrier to Syria

A Chinese naval expert has dismissed reports that the country is sending an aircraft carrier to Syria to assist in the fight against Islamic State.



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