Japanese warship visits London

A Japanese naval vessel has visited London, the first Japanese ship to do so in a significant period of time.

Leader of Islamic State reportedly killed in US airstrike

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Islamic State has reportedly been killed in a US airstrike.

Munich shootings aftermath

A shooting in a shopping centre in Munich has left ten people, including the gunman, dead.

‘European security is UK security’ says Minister discussing UK-Italy defence partnership

Minister Mark Lancaster highlighted how the British and Italian Armed Forces can work closer together at a Protection of Cultural Heritage event,say the MoD.

Mystery light over Calfornia was Trident missile

A missile test off the Californian coast sparked frenzy on social media and spooked residents who believed they had just seen a UFO.

Japan eyes 100 more F-35s and introduction of aircraft carrier

The Japanese Nikkei business newspaper reported today that the Japanese government is preparing to order another 100 F-35 jets, in addition, the country is once more considering converting a helicopter carrier to host jets.

Priest murdered in Normandy attack

A priest has been killed in a suspected terrorist attack after two knifemen stormed a church in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy. Police are handling the incident as a terrorist incident and have called in anti-terrorism prosecutors. Reports indicate the attackers burst into the church during Morning Mass and took five people hostage. It is believed the five hostages were two churchgoers,...

Cameron to urge Putin to focus on Islamic State

Almost 80 percent of Russia’s targets in Syria have been in areas not held by Islamic State.

HMS Dauntless to visit Dublin

HMS Dauntless, an advanced British destroyer, is to visit Dublin Port.

US Army orders additional Q-53 Counterfire Radars from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin will manufacture additional AN/TPQ-53 counterfire radar systems for the U.S. Army under a $1.6 billion order-dependent contract.



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