Argentine military capability almost all gone

After a significant period of decline, the Argentine armed forces will cease to become a capable military force.

Trump Administration Travel Ban Comes Into Effect

The travel ban, which has been contested in federal courts across America, comes into effect after the US Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favour of it.

Canada to withdraw jets from Syria and Iraq

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has today confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the campaign against Islamic State.

Thailand orders Starstreak

Thales announced today at DSEI that it has signed a multi-million pound contract with DataGate in Thailand to supply the Royal Thai Army with the STARStreak

Russian aircraft near USS Ronald Reagan prompts scramble

Two Russian reconnaissance aircraft flew within one mile of the USS Ronald Reagan, prompting the aircraft carrier to scramble its jets.

German cabinet approves action against Islamic State

The German cabinet has backed plans for military support in the fight against Islamic State militants in Syria.

Argentina to purchase 14 Kfir fighter jets

Argentina will purchase upgraded Kfir combat jets from Israel, however most analysts consider them largely obsolete and no threat to the Falkland Islands.

Cameron to urge Putin to focus on Islamic State

Almost 80 percent of Russia’s targets in Syria have been in areas not held by Islamic State.

Australia to convert business jets into surveillance aircraft


Australia has confirmed a project to convert two private jets into surveillance aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force. Shortly after Christmas, the United States entered into a "Foreign Military Sales arrangement" with Australia to modify two Gulfstream G550 business jets, into surveillance aircraft. This is somewhat similar to what the United Kingdom done with Sentinel, itself a converted business jet. The Gulfstream...

Another US Navy destroyer in collision as USS John S. McCain collides with merchant ship

SOUTH CHINA SEA - Guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain was involved in a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca this morning



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