First F-35 flight over Israel takes place

Only hours after landing in Israel, F-35 jets took off for their first sortie, escorted by F-16I fighters.

China develops advanced air-to-air missile

Comments by a missile specialist on Chinese TV suggests that China has completed development of its advanced PL-10 short range air to air missile.

Poland considers purchasing F-35, F-16 aircraft

Polish Deputy Defence Minister Bartosz Kownacki said that Poland is considering the purchase of new F-35s or F-16s to replace aircraft to be phased out of service.

Northrop Grumman tests MS-177 Multi-Spectral Sensor on RQ-4 Global Hawk

Flight testing of the MS-177 sensor payload on an RQ-4 Global Hawk has started say Northrop Grumman.

US ship fires warning shots at Iranian naval vessel

The Iranian vessel approached within 150 yards of the coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt and did not respond to attempts to establish communications, officials said.

Defence giants team up to offer Type 26 Frigate to Canada

CAE, L3 Technologies, MDA and Ultra, along with BAE and Lockheed Martin have teamed up to offer the Type 26 Frigate to Canada.

US Carrier Strike Group conducts South China Sea patrol

Carrier Strike Group 1, including Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and a Destroyer Squadron began routine operations in the South China Sea...

US to operate ‘wherever’ law allows in South China Sea

The US military will continue to operate "wherever" international law allows in the South China Sea, a US admiral has said.

Steel cut for USS Enterprise

Huntington Ingalls Industries has cut a 35-ton steel plate at its Newport News Shipbuilding division to kick off advance construction of the USS Enterprise.

Taiwan goes on $1.42 billion arms spending spree

Taiwan intends to purchase AGM-88B HARM missiles, SM-2 Block IIIA missiles, MK 48 heavyweight torpedoes, MK 54 lightweight torpedoes, AGM-154C JSOW Air-to-Ground missiles and...



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