Syria accidentally shoots down Russian aircraft, Russia blames Israel

The Russian military said Tuesday that while Syrian air defences shot down the aircraft, Israel was to blame for putting it in the line of fire.

Israel deploys soldiers to its cities to stop attacks

The Israeli government have ordered the deployment of hundreds of soldiers to cities to combat a rise in stabbing attacks.

Australia receives first EA-18G Growler

Australian Minister for Defence Marise Payne has welcomed the first EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft to the Royal Australian Air Force.

Iraq requests equipment for two Peshmerga infantry brigades and two artillery battalions

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency has approved a request from Iraq for equipment for two Peshmerga infantry brigades and two support artillery battalions in $295.6m sale.

HMS Sutherland arrives in Sydney

HMS Sutherland sailed into Sydney for the beginning of a week-long visit to Australia's biggest city.

NATO Defence Ministers wrap up two days of discussions in Brussels

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrapped up two days of important discussions between Allied Defence Ministers in Brussels this week.

Saab offers Gripen E to Switzerland

Supported by the Swedish government, Saab has submitted its proposal for the Gripen E in response to the Swiss New Fighter Aircraft procurement to armasuisse, the Swiss defence procurement agency.

China, Russia complete first phase of joint naval exercises in the Baltic Sea

Chinese and Russian navies completed exercises in what they call the first stage of their ongoing joint exercise code-named 'Joint Sea 2017'.

American conventional and special forces prepare for European combat operations

Naval Special Warfare operators from US Special Operations Command along with NATO Special Operations Forces from Albania, Bulgaria and Lithuania, partnered with the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment during Saber Junction 17 at the Joint Multinational Readiness Centre in Germany.

Red Arrows to tour the USA and Canada

The Red Arrows will fly to North America for the Western Hawk 19 tour and will travel across two nations with 'a view to promoting trade and co-operation', say the Royal Air Force.



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