Islamic State lose almost half of their territory

Islamic State have lost 45% of their territory in Iraq and 10% of their territory in Syria.

China have no plans to fight in Syria

China has confirmed it has no plans to send military vessels to Syria to fight with Russian forces.

Singapore and Australia sign new treaty to keep flight training in Western Australia

Australia and Singapore have reaffirmed an agreement allowing the Singaporean Air Force to conduct fighter training in Western Australia.

NATO intensifies scientific cooperation with Ukraine

Experts from NATO and Ukraine took stock of progress made on several projects.

‘The European Union cannot defend Europe’ says NATO Secretary General

Jens Stoltenberg delivered remarks in Berlin stressing the importance of NATO as the bedrock of European security.

Is increased UK-Japan defence cooperation leading to a new strategic alliance?

At a time of reduced certainty surrounding the security of both the UK and in particular Japan, it is towards new bilateral relations which these two island states look in order to maximise their respective geocapabilities.

European Defence Pact launched in first steps towards a defence union, UK decides not to take part

The European Commission yesterday welcomed the decision adopted today by the European Council formally establishing Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

Supercarrier USS Nimitz completes historic 200,000th catapult shot

The USS Nimitz successfully completed her 100,000th aircraft launch from Catapult Two last week, marking the second time, since the ship's commissioning in 1975, that that milestone has been achieved.

US Carrier Battle Group nears Persian Gulf


The USS Harry S. Truman’s arrival will end a gap where the US did not have an aircraft carrier in the Gulf. The supercarrier is due to arrive in the Persian Gulf around Christmas where it will begin striking Islamic State. The USS Harry S. Truman and its carrier strike group will join the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle in the...

Minister praises UK-US defence partnership

Stuart Andrew was in Washington to discuss the UK-US defence relationship.



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