United States Air Force Selects APG-83 SABR for F-16 AESA Radar Upgrade

The US Air Force has selected Northrop Grumman's APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR) as the active electronically scanned array (AESA) for its F-16 radar upgrade.

Mystery light over Calfornia was Trident missile

A missile test off the Californian coast sparked frenzy on social media and spooked residents who believed they had just seen a UFO.

Team Rubicon UK in British Virgin Islands to respond to Hurricane Irma

A team of disaster relief specialists from Team Rubicon UK and international search and rescue charity Serve On described scenes of utter destruction after landing in the British Virgin Islands late on Sunday to assist with humanitarian relief efforts after Hurricane Irma.

UAE naval vessel on fire after attack off Yemen coast, unconfirmed reports of sinking

It has emerged that a warship taking part in an amphibious operation off the Yemen coast has been struck by a missile off the Yemen coast.

Qatar purchases warships from Italy in $5.9 billion deal

Qatar has announced a $5.9 billion deal for seven warships from Italy.

US 10th Combat Aviation Brigade equipment now arriving in Europe

The US Army 10th Combat Aviation Brigade has started delivering support equipment in Europe.

UK field hospital in South Sudan fully operational

Construction of the hospital came at the request of the UN, and was assessed as one of the best ways UK expertise could support delivery of the UNMISS mandate.

Boeing wins three-year contract to support Indian Navy P-8I fleet

Boeing has received a three-year contract earlier this month to continue support of the Indian Navy’s fleet of P-8I maritime patrol aircraft.

US ship fires warning shots at Iranian naval vessel

The Iranian vessel approached within 150 yards of the coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt and did not respond to attempts to establish communications, officials said.

Turkish military coup: Details emerge of aerial battle

A helicopter belonging to the 'coup plotters' forces was shot down this morning by an F-16 fighter as the Turkish military coup comes to and end.



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