UK to deploy extra troops to South Sudan

Britain is to send an additional 100 troops to South Sudan, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced.

IN PICTURES: The Queen’s Royal Hussars Battlegroup

The Queen's Royal Hussars Battlegroup integrated combined arms live firing attacks bring together all elements of the the Battlegroup during Exercise Prairie Lightning. A three...

WATCH: Royal Marines hone their combat skills

The men who protect the nuclear deterrent have spent a fortnight in Germany honing their combat skills on Exercise Deutsche Dagger.

WATCH: Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks in action

Watch as Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks conduct live firing exercises.

Turkish tanks and combat vehicles enter Syria

Turkey's state-run news agency says Turkish tanks have crossed into Syria as part of a military operation to free a border town held by Islamic State.
Challenger 2 at Dusk

Rheinmetall bids to upgrade Challenger 2 tank fleet

Rheinmetall has submitted a bid to upgrade the capabilities of the Challenger 2 tank fleet in response to the Challenger 2 Life Extension Project.

Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems bid for Challenger 2 tank upgrades

Lockheed Martin is to bid for the contract to upgrade the British Army's Challenger 2 tanks, in collaboration with Elbit Systems.

Pictures show British special forces in Syria for first time

The BBC have obtained photos of British special forces operating in Syria, defending a rebel base under attack by Islamic State.

Leuchars base to ‘expand’ says Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said that £8 million is being invested in new facilities at the Leuchars base.

British Armed Forces tackle security threats in Africa

The UK is playing a substantial role in tackling security threats across Africa, with deployments in Nigeria and Somalia.



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