Scotland to be the site of the UK Space Agency’s first Spaceport

The UK Space Agency has selected Lockheed Martin to establish vertical launch operations in Sutherland, Scotland.

British firm Cobham to supply Lockheed Martin Orion spacecraft crew module elements

Cobham has announced it has recently been awarded contracts by Lockheed Martin Space to supply a suite of space-rated life support and propulsion components for NASA's Orion deep space exploration spacecraft.

Britain looking to develop own satellite navigation system

The first tenders for the new satellite navigation system are expected by the end of this year with the UK looking to collaborate with countries in the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance.

What is Skynet? A look at Britain’s military communications satellites

Skynet is a family of commercially managed military communications satellites operated on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, which provide strategic communication services to the British Armed Forces and UK allies.

UK must be ready to counter threats from space says Defence Secretary

The Defence Secretary has warned that Britain must be ready 'to deter and counter' threats that are emerging in space.

UK air and space power doctrine explained

Document JDP 0-30 explains the importance of air and space power to UK defence and security, let's take a brief look.

Royal Navy ships chase off Spanish vessel in Gibraltar waters

Royal Navy ships off the coast of Gibraltar have reportedly chased off Spanish boats illegally fishing in British waters for the third day in a row. Reports also suggest an alarming attitude in response to these events with a spokesperson saying: "This is nothing unusual, these things happen often."

Shields up! BAE announce radiation-hardened computer for spacecraft

BAE Systems have announced a new generation of space computer.

United Kingdom joins ‘Advanced Extremely High Frequency’ communications satellite system

The United Kingdom connected to the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) protected communications satellite system.

SpaceX to launch next X-37B spaceplane mission

The US Air Force announced Tuesday that the next X-37 mission will launch in August aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.



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