SpaceX to launch next X-37B spaceplane mission

The US Air Force announced Tuesday that the next X-37 mission will launch in August aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

British astronaut Tim Peake returning to space

British astronaut Tim Peake is returning to space.

Space exercise sees RAF track satellites, missile launches and space junk

Missile launches, foreign satellites and Earth-orbiting debris were some of the objects tracked by an RAF team during a space operations exercise this week.

Britain relocates Skynet military satellite over Asia-Pacific region

The UK has moved one of its Skynet satellites over the Asia-Pacific region to give the system global coverage and assist allies. Skynet is a...

Rocket becomes first vehicle launched into space from UK soil

It has emerged that a rocket used to test ballistic missile defence systems became the first vehicle to lift off from the UK and leave the atmosphere.



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