WATCH: RAF pilot performs first UK takeoff of F-35B at sea

Squadron Leader Jim Schofield performs the first short take-off at sea in 2013 of a F-35B aircraft on-board USS Wasp.

Video: Typhoons strike Islamic State weapons factory

The Typhoons released a total of 16 Paveways which completely demolished some workshops and storage sheds.

WATCH: British Army Live Firing Exercise

The British Army staged a brigade level exercise as part of a Land Combat Power Visit on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. Many different armoured vehicles and...

WATCH: RAF Tornado jet strikes Islamic State

A Tornado flight used Brimstone missiles to attack a number of mobile cranes.

WATCH: Typhoon strikes Islamic State vehicle

A Typhoon uses Paveway bombs to destroy Islamic State mechanical excavator being used to construct defensive positions.

WATCH: Exploring HMS Queen Elizabeth

Would you like a tour of HMS Queen Elizabeth? Well this video gives you that tour with a intriguing look at some of the...

WATCH: P-8 Poseidon in action

The UK will purchase nine P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft as part of the recent Strategic Defence and Security Review, watch them in action!  

VIDEO: Don’t mess with the Queens Guard! (FUNNY)

Make Way for Queen's Guard!

WATCH: Royal Navy submarine launches Trident missile

Trident is a ballistic missile equipped with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles and is armed with thermonuclear warheads.

WATCH: HMS Bulwark fends off enemy aircraft

HMS Bulwark faces off with enemy aircraft in NATO's largest exercise in over a decade.



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