WATCH: RAF pilot performs first UK takeoff of F-35B at sea


Squadron Leader Jim Schofield performs the first short take-off at sea in 2013 of a F-35B aircraft on-board USS Wasp.

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Dave B Philips

The dramatic backround music is the most potent weapon in the video. I found myself saluting my own computer monitor, rather embarrassingly at work…

Jack William Millen

The Royal Air Force, key leaders in…erm…naval aviation…?

Phil Jolly

Slowly but surely F35 takes another step towards FAA & RAF development for the new QE class carriers.

Dave B Philips

I’m pretty sure they took this step 2 and a half years ago. Much more advanced pilot training has taken place since then.

Lindsay Baker

Should have been a RN pilot

Bob Heyward

Superb to sea the Sea Lightning being deployed in its home environment – even if it is by a crab!

Mark McKendrick

RN pilots have since flown F35. The video is almost three years old.

Phil Jolly

The future of Royal Navy & RAF projection of naval air power of the Royal Navy is a coming

Diogo Furlan and Argentina want´s Malvinas back..kkk

Phil Jolly

The Falklands are British the population of the Falklands want to remain British.The United Kingdom are the 3rd most powerful military power in the world & nuclear power and will defend the interests of our people across the globe.

Phil Jolly i will tell you a joke about the Argentine pride that I really like a lot, sorry by my poor english. Argentines say they will not invade the UK to retake the Falklands because there is not enough room in Argentine for prisoners of war.

Angentina are fools

David Morris

It’s all coming together

Brian Mooney

Like it

Andy Lawton

Fancy giving this one a go Bruce Flavel?

Bruce Flavel

Looks great, they seem to like it a lot more than the Harrier.

Andy Lawton

Yeah surprised at that I loved the harrier. The falklands an all that!

Darren Harris

Proud times ahead for the RN & RAF

Baz Stammers

Look forward to seeing the F35B and HMS Queen Elizabeth myself?

Paul Cummings

That’s an old video from DT-II (August 2013)!!!!

Damian Halpin

I can’t wait to see these planes active on our new carriers. Makes you proud. I still think our defence budget should be bigger.

Fire Your Doctor

I can’t wait to see the New Carriers and F35B in place and operational it’s what the UK needs right now ! :-)…and we have new Patrol aircraft and frigates too….I want to re enlist already.