North Korea has announced that it had conducted an underground nuclear test at its Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.

North Korean media claimed that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, which was speculated to have existed the month before the test was carried out. The United States Geological Service reported a 5.1 magnitude earthquake from the location, the China Earthquake Networks Centre reported the magnitude as 4.9.

A newsreader on North Korean state TV said: “The republic’s first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10:00 am on January 6, 2016.”

Last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said the country had developed a hydrogen bomb, most however were sceptical.

North Korea declared in 2009 that it had developed a nuclear weapon, and the country reportedly possesses a small stockpile of relatively simple nuclear weapons, this is believed to have been the fourth test.

Since 2003, North Korea is no longer a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.



  1. Who gives a shit? Unless they are planning to use it on someone owell. I am so sick of this we must police the globe bullshit, if you fucks dont like that they are advancing like everyone else bomb them back to the stone age and call it a day.

  2. They might have the weapons but they don’t have the manpower.
    Unfortunately they might not even have the proper Rockets to send their ICBMs across to get HVTs like Washington or the pentagon etc etc… And if so, good luck with NORAD

  3. Testing a hydrogen bomb doesn’t necessarily make the DPRK a threat mainly due to lack of platforms to carry such weapons but also the DPRK will not risk even using them on say South Korea or Japan bec they know they’d be playing with fire….

  4. If the Country had oil or something the “Allied” forces would’ve been in there by now. Probably using the excuse that he was killing his own people and he had a nuclear weapon, like Iraq.

  5. Well the DPRK certainly tested *something*, the seismographs detected it. The point about a Fusion device is not so much the greater yield as its potentially smaller size, making putting it on a missile warhead more feasible.

    The US has interceptor missiles (THAADs?) in Guam and is supposedly working on dedicated ABMs to be stationed in Alaska. They have SM-3 missiles with some ABM capability on warships in the western Pacific.

    No-one thinks those provide anything resembling a secure defence. They are better than nothing… just about.

  6. the magnitude 4.9 quake was Kim Jong-uns’ fat ass getting out of bed. I noticed from the picture above Kim has two FAB ice cream lolly’s ready in case of a nuclear attack! must have blown the budget!

  7. Simply they felt an 5.1 Richter scale quake at epicentre of kijiu city during test. But still exactly yeild not confirmed to determine the is it actually an Thermonuclear blast or just another fission test with greater yield. DPRK is behind in quality of weapon and Strategic assets

  8. Oh the irony! Coming on the day that Corbyn sacks his pro-Trident shadow defence minister. I watched a really good documentary about the V Force where a Vulcan pilot summed it up perfectly “You cannot un-invent something, nuclear weapons exist and that mean’s they can be developed by anyone willing and able to do so”.

    As much as I dread the idea of a nuclear war, they have probably done more for keeping the peace than being an offensive weapon. Since Hiroshima, which ended the war and stopped the Allies being drawn in to a quagmire by invading the main Japanese island. The Japanese had no intention of surrendering until the yanks dropped the bomb. It stopped countless soldiers and civilians being drawn into the Japanese ideology of no surrender and fight to the death and honour suicides.

    Since WW2, They have cooled tempers when contrasting ideologies come to the boil politically. They have kept Europe at peace for over 60 years. They have allowed major powerful nations to sit around a table and negotiate as equals, and they keep the UK on top table ensuring that we can be involved with major decisions that could have an impact on our way of life.

    They are a good investment in my book. £100bn over 30 years to ensure security and allow us to be apart of all the major geo-political discussions is a bargain.


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