North Korea’s submarine-launched ballistic missile test appears to have been an explosive failure that was not even launched from a submarine, separate expert analyses concluded.

North Korea released footage of the launch in January 2016, which South Korea claimed was manipulated to show a successful test that didn’t occur. This third test was from a submerged barge, likely so as not to risk damaging the launch submarine again. Video showed the 10-ton missile firing directly vertical out of the water, unlike the first test that emerged at a distinct angle. The first stage of the engine ignited, but the rest of the footage was inconsistently spliced together to appear it continued flying. The first stage of the engine ignited but the rest of the footage was inconsistently spliced together to appear it continued flying.

Analysts at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies said the missile almost certainly blew up after a successful pop-up.

“Although it appears to eject successfully, we think that a catastrophic failure occurred at ignition, one clip plays for two frames too long. The rocket appears to explode.”

Said Catherine Dill, a research associate at the centre.

The information North Korea released show Kim Jong Un watching the test of a missile fired from a submarine with the name ‘Bukkeukseong-1’ or ‘Polaris-1’ inscribed on the missile body. It has been claimed that the missile was fired from an underwater barge rather than a submarine and that it flew only 100 metres above the water.

The missile was believed to have been a KN-11, a new North Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile that is under development, based on the Soviet Russian R-27 and other projects on R-29, R-29RM. There are conflicting reports over the current stage of development. North Korea operates a naval fleet that is some decades behind the Russian navy.

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David Johnson
5 years ago

Now there’s a surprise

Eileen Lewis
5 years ago

Oh dear, pity it didnt hit NK

Stephen Brown
5 years ago


Andrew Clark
5 years ago

Ha ha…

Chris Devine
5 years ago


Andrew Clark
5 years ago

It should of hit him lol

George Rooney
5 years ago

They are still a dangerous and most unstable regime in the world. They would nuke us if they had half a chance

David L Thomas
5 years ago

Lol… did he press the reset button but seriously this man as some may say could be a Dolphin short of a Wolfpack or eat fruit and nut during the day sort of person..

Gordon Robertson
5 years ago

It’s great that the entire population has to get his haircut. Marian Fellani for prime minister ?

Nick van der Heijden
5 years ago

Do not print lies about the superior North Korean navy! The Great Leader is not amused! 😉

Danilo Nakazone
5 years ago

An another failure coming from North Korea… I wonder why they are seeing as a threat since they can’t even launch a missile! 😛

5 years ago

Its a shame because with this missile launch they could have convinced the world they’ve entered the 1960’s!

Kent Reynolds
5 years ago

Guidance system coded on Red Star box without a doubt, what a nightmare that would be.

Marcus A. Bryan
5 years ago

Yeah but one more failure means they are one step closer to success…