A North Korean submarine is missing and presumed sunk, according to various reports.

The vessel was operating off the North Korean coast for several days when it disappeared, reports say that American satellites, aircraft and ships have been watching as the North Korean navy searched for the missing submarine.

North Korea reportedly operates a fleet of 70 submarines, mostly are old diesel models capable of little more than coastal defence.

This latest incident comes at a time of heightened tension in the region as South Korea and the US continue their largest-ever military exercise. North Korea has of course issued another threat of war over the drill.

According to the US Naval Institute journal, the US Navy was tracking the submarine when it suddenly disappeared.

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Let’s hope the Americans shared the data they had with the Koreans, to help them locate and hopefully save the crew.

Dave B Philips

These are exceptionally old vessels and/or poorly maintained and inspected. One can only fear the worst for these sailors. I hope against the odds that they are found safe.

Rob Simmonds

At least it was 50% functional…


You mean it was successful at submerging, but not surfacing?!

Farhan Ahmed Khan

any latest info about this ???

Mark Barrie

Last seen in the Potomac River!!

Robert Stewart

Gone missing or, seeking asylum, or something more sinister?

Daniel Adams

Shame they won’t ask anyone for help. I bet the west could find it Preaty quick and be much better at a rescue attempt.

Harry Eaton

Same thing happened with the Kursk, Russian Navy was too full of pride to seek help early on in the disaster.

Toby Noskwith

We should offer to render any assistance that we can. The possibility of rescuing the submariners, if they are still alive, decreases by the day.

Daniel Adams

They will never accept it.

Harry Eaton

We should, and probably already have, but what happened with the Kursk is the Russian authorities declined help until it was too late, by the time a Norwegian and British search party was allowed near the wreck the survivors had perished due to seawater coming into contact with batteries, and the resulting sparks and heat igniting oil on the surface of the water, those submariners who managed to survive the fire then asphyxiated due to the fire consuming the last of the oxygen.

Jason Roark

If the U.S. was tracking the sub. (which they most definitely were) They know exactly where the sub is.

Daniel Adams

Maybe we have secretly saved it which is why the north Koreans can’t find it?

Marcoseduardo Tavares


Brian Trueman

OOPS ??????.

David Calleja-Urry

guess someone forgot to close the hatch ..

James Gray

what a crap sub, did the producers of “das boot” have a garage sale or something

Michael Squires

So sad….

Peter Daly

Lets be serious and hope that neither the Yanks or anybody else sank this Sub !

Rob Burton

My monies on they were in Japanese waters again,and this time paid the price..

Harry Eaton

Doubtful, the North Korean sub fleet is mostly comprised of old Soviet models built in the 50’s, they’re not the first choice if you wanted safety.

Marc Ariadne Tabalba

North Koran is more of a let me see ADOLF HITLER style

David L Thomas

Somesay no wonder if it is painted green.

Sandy Dodds

?? super old, or super hi-tech. Callum?

Danny Jala
Danny Jala


Nick Lockhart

No one should be left to die. Someone should go after them.

Chris Turner

must have been an open screen door!

That’s one less north Korean sub to torpedo if hostilities break out.

Stephen Priestley


Never mind…

Robert Durrant

Well considering they Sank a South Korean Corvette 5 years ago one can’t help but think it’s karma

Tracy Johnson

I very much doubt that it is missing.

Ian Lee

Kim Il Sunk

Kyle S. Mampolino

i feel sorry for the crew… they were burried… ALIVE.

Shaun Patrick Hampton

Helmsman!………….what was that bang?…………..Oh! dive dive dive!

david southern

Whenever I see pictures of North Korea I always think I’m watching the hunger games!

Brad Williams

It probably just ran out of gas …. Exxon is on the way to help

Jason Conley

Damn. How could this happen? That thing looks state of the art.

Derek Ball

Interesting news John Wayne!!

Tresthan Prince

The submarine was grab by china. China’s specialty grabing anything.

Lee Hall

Am I missing something here ? Aren’t submarines already sunk ? ?

The supreme Leader is angry for this…

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha seguro así es !!!!
Azotes a todos


Politics aside, think of the crew.That sub has now become their tomb.A cold and airless way to die!

Richard Rowe

Reminds me of the kursk many years ago.

Heineken Adarna

Yeah..maybe China…lol..no country in this world like to grab something from someone else except China..Hopefully they are still alive nowadays.. they are also Gods children after all…

Lee Hoey

It’s been painted green to cover the rust lol

Joydeep Pom Dutta

Looks like a pretty old tub this one