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Beards in the Army

Historically speaking, having whiskers has never precluded a decent performance in combat argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

The wreck of a torpedoed British ship after a 109-year mystery

A British cargo ship which was torpedoed and sunk during the first world war has finally surrendered its 109-year-old secret.


American nuclear submarine arrives in Scotland for visit

The U.S. Navy say that this port visit gives the USS Albany and her crew the opportunity to enjoy the history and culture of Scotland.

AUKUS alliance plans expansion, according to UK

Australia, the UK and US are considering the potential for involving Japan in some elements of the alliance.

Percentage of women in RFA reaches double digits

In 2010, the number of women was recorded at 121, constituting 5.2% of the total personnel. By 2024, these numbers have increased to 175 women, now making up 10.5% of the force.


UK expands Airbus H145 helicopter fleet

The new Airbus H145 helicopters are expected to assume their operational roles in Brunei and Cyprus by 2026.

Argentina has purchased 24 F-16 fighter jets

Argentina has officially signed for 24 ex-Danish F-16A/B aircraft in addition to Sidewinder and AMRAAM missiles.

UK pulled jets from Romania to intercept Iranian drones

The RAF's involvement in operations in the Middle East further stretches its resources, which are already committed to various international hotspots.


New British tank to be ‘apex predator of modern warfare’

With advanced armour and devastating firepower, the Challenger 3 boasts an impressive range of state-of-the-art technology.

Britain’s ‘most lethal tank’ rolls off the production line

With advanced armour and devastating firepower, the Challenger 3 will be the most lethal and survivable tank ever operated by the British Army.

NATO Deputy Secretary General ‘We must support Ukraine’

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană visited the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) Headquarters in Northwood, United Kingdom.

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The myth that nukes are in Scotland to keep England safe

Misconceptions can often take root and spread quickly, one incorrect claim is that the UK stores all of its nukes in Scotland because they're too dangerous to keep in England. 

Would UK naval shipbuilding continue in Scotland if it left the UK?

Naval shipbuilding in Scotland has become controversial once again.

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