Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150), commanded by a UK team, oversaw three successful drugs busts in three days last week, all carried out by the Australian Navy ship HMAS Warramunga.

On Sunday, the Warramunga was authorised by Royal Navy Commodore Steve Moorhouse, the Commander of CTF150, to board a suspicious vessel in the Indian Ocean.

A carefully-conducted search lasting several hours revealed an illegal cargo of hashish weighing in at 3,253 kilograms.

This was followed on Monday (4 June 18) by a further seizure of 2,593 kilograms of hashish after another suspicious vessel was boarded and searched.

Finally on Tuesday HMAS Warramunga closed on a third vessel and seized a further 40 kilograms. It takes the number of seizures carried out by the Australian ship since the start of her deployment to 16.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse is the Commander of CTF150 and the future Captain of HMS Prince of Wales, the Royal Navy’s second new aircraft carrier. He said:

“It remains business as usual for CTF150 as we continue our important and enduring mission to ensure the Western Indian Ocean remains the sole preserve of legitimate seafarers. 

CTF 150’s resolve is as strong as ever and HMAS Warramunga’s continued success in seizing narcotics, with her total now standing at 16 successful interdictions, is a testament to the determination and professionalism of her ship’s company.”

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Oscar Zulu
Oscar Zulu
3 years ago

Gotta love this media release. CTF 150 is based in Bahrain. It’s like a coach sitting in a warm, dry coaching box taking credit for a David Beckham goal in pouring rain out on the field. LOL Just for the record the Royal Australian Navy has commanded CT150 seven times and Warramunga is the leading all-time goal scorer in the CT150 league. HMAS Warramunga 3253kg + 2593 kg + 40kg HMAS Darwin 1032 kg HMAS Arunta 800kg HMAS Melbourne 427kg HMS Monmouth 455kg+266kg HMS Defender 1000kg HMS Somerset 60kg USS Laboon 270kg + 500kg Trust the Aussies to know where… Read more »