Russian aircraft are believed to have destroyed an outpost near the Jordanian border used by British and US special forces.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “alarm bells sounded at the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defence in London” when Russian aircraft bombed a remote garrison used by western special forces in southeastern Syria last month.

The Russian target was a base of operations for American and British forces.

It is understood that a contingent of about 20 British special forces had pulled out of the garrison 24 hours earlier.

Russian pilots had reportedly struck the outpost because they thought it was an Islamic State base.

The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has claimed that between the initiation of the intervention in September 2015 and February 2016, Russian air strikes have killed 1,000 civilians, including 200 children; the Russian government denies this and these claims cannot be independently verified. Russian military intervention has however produced significant gains for the Syrian Army against Islamic State and rebel forces, including the recapture of Palmyra in March 2016.

At the start of this month, a Russian Mi-35, according to some sources) was shot down by fire from a US-made BGM-71 TOW east of Palmyra, with two Russian pilots confirmed dead. A few days after, Russia announced it had employed strategic Tu-22M3 bombers, for the first time since the partial ceasefire came into force in February, to deliver airstrikes on terrorist targets.

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Rob Towler

Im sure Russian intel isn’t that bad !!

Danny G Tiplady

Read all I needed…. 24 hours before it was bombed the British vacated…. do you not thing if it was a strong hold for us to use the Russians took it out before it was taken over …. by the enemy…. seriously some shitty click bait…

Darren Telford

bombed after they pulled out no doubt we would have done the same thing to stop the enemy reusing the base but no no the evil Russians lmao

UK Defence Journal

Darren, as stated, the base was in frequent use and not in an area threatened by IS. Because they had left at that time doesn’t mean there were no plans to return.

Chris Belton

Will Robinson

Will Robinson

Off to Syria?

Chris Belton

Looks like it ?

Brandon Mattey

Caleb Stephens welp, here we go

Caleb Stephens

Either bad Intel or something much worse. This may cause conflict, but it still might not. Since no one was hurt, it might even have Britain and the US call for sharing of more strategic information being shared with Russia. Things aren’t usually as black and white as they seem. Only time will tell what will happen

Bach Viet Nguyen

One small thing the article ‘forgot’ (may or may not), the base isn’t American nor British. It was an FSA fully-controlled base, with American and British spec ops regularly make ‘visits’ from and to. While it is no stranger that Russia prioritises FSA targets, one can see this incident as the West slowly pulling out on supporting the opposition rebels, with the clearest identification as intel sharing.

Armanda Pransiska

worth to unfollow

Mark Matthews

This happened a few months ago!

UK Defence Journal

Hi Mark, it happened last month and only now are the majority of details available. Thanks for your comment however.

Mark Matthews

Not just available, the details were available last week thanks for your response however!

Mindy Stasiulaitis

Sounds like Russian propaganda.

Lee Collins

Reportedly ? Haway a think uk defence journal would know

Kent Reynolds

…cue the Russian sympathisers in 3…2…1…

Vinay Sinha

What is your intelligence in war zone … Is it communication gap ?

Alan Melapatt

AKA ‘Jihadi Training centres’ lol

Hahahaha nice job russian

Barry Manning

Rather than leave this up in the air (no pun intended) it would be nice to see an update on the report. I don’t like the part ‘believed’. Is it true or not. We are talking super powers here.