Russian strikes have killed at least 13 people after hitting a field hospital in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said.

The strike took place on the town of Sarmin in the northwestern province of Idlib on 20 October. The group have also claimed that Russia’s air strikes in Syria have so far killed 370 people, one third of them civilians, since it started.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Russian strikes had killed 127 civilians including 36 children since the campaign started, this cannot be verified.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head, Rami Abdel Rahman, said:

“Thirteen people were killed in Russian air strikes on Tuesday on a field clinic, including a physiotherapist, a guard, and civil defence member”

According to a staff member of the Syrian-American Medical Society:

“Yesterday at around 1:00 pm (11:00 BST) a SAMS facility near Sarmin, Idlib was hit. Our initial reports from the ground show that we have lost two hospital staff, a physiotherapist and a nurse”.

This comes not long after the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan by Coalition Forces. Médecins Sans Frontières reported that 12 medical staff and 7 patients including 3 children were killed by the strikes, possibly carried out by US aircraft confirmed to be operating in the area.

Russia’s defence ministry confirmed that a strike on Sarmin did take place, but made no mention of the hospital.

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Howie Elliott

so it is not just the yanks who kill innocent people…well done Putin….

Steve Hutchinson

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, is one guy in London who gets facebook messages from people he has never met. No experts on the ground.

UK Defence Journal

They’ve proven right multiple times and rely on what’s called Open Source Intelligence, a very up and coming technique.

Steve Hutchinson

Yes, I am aware of open source Intelligence and how it works. That is still not the same as an organisation as for example, run by united Nations, that sends investigators to fact check on the ground and conduct a proper investigation. With Being proven right, depends on who you ask. In other words I don’t count the findings of this organisation final.

UK Defence Journal

Okay Steve, thanks for sharing.

Keith Spencer

Agreed Steve. Can’t believe people still take this muppet seriously. One bloke in his bedroom in Leicester who hasn’t even been to Syria for 14 years cannot be a credible source, regardless of his so-called ‘contacts’.

Abhishek Tanwar

UK D. F. Provides jocks of the year

UK Defence Journal

Abhishek Tanwar Do you mean jokes? We made clear that this hasn’t been confirmed.

Abhishek Tanwar

If that is not Conformed then how can be it’s a News

Abhishek Tanwar

Becaus People Follws you


Is it?


John Seddon

If NATO forces, US and UK see Russian and Syrian jets targeting civilians and hospitals, WHY are they( NATO forces) not shooting them down; declare no fly zone over Syria. Syria and Russia are currently attacking civilian areas with battle tanks. Putin and Assad are insane megalomaniacs, no different to Hitler. NATO are not protecting civilians. Need to wipe out Syrian air-force bases and any runways that can be used by Russians. Syrian situation is now so bad, NATO needs to get tough, send Putin and Assad packing.

Chris Moss

Probably to avoid WW3

Ian Appleton

The yanks hit hospitals as well just let Russia crack on and sort out Isis that Obama started.

David Whitley

Yes cos didn’t the yanks do the same to a hospital as well #justsaying

UK Defence Journal

Who said otherwise? We reported that too champ.

Laurence Dickens

Give em hell, Russia. Screw this piece of propaganda.

david southern

Laurence, you spelled your name wrong!

Mark Fielding-Pritchard

And did they drive a tank over the rubble to hide the evidence like the Americans?