The Spanish government has called for joint sovereignty over Gibraltar after the UK decided to leave the European Union.

95.9% of ‘The Rock’s’ 30,000 population voted overwhelmingly for staying in the EU.

Speaking on national radio, Spain’s Foreign Minister said:

“It’s a complete change of outlook that opens up new possibilities on Gibraltar not seen for a very long time. I hope the formula of co-sovereignty – to be clear, the Spanish flag on the Rock – is much closer than before.”

Relations aren’t calm however, in May last year, a Spanish patrol boat reportedly tried to “hassle” an American nuclear submarine attempting to dock at Gibraltar.

According to multiple sources, flares were fired across the bow of the Spanish Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedena in mid-April as it twice attempted to sail across the front of the American ballistic missile submarine USS Florida.

The USS Florida, a 20,000 ton Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, was commissioned in 1983 with the hull designation of SSBN-728; with her conversion to a cruise missile submarine, she was re-designated SSGN-728. She carriers 154 BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The Guardia Civil launch Rio Cedeña attempted to cross in front of the submarine but was stopped by the actions the Royal Navy’s HMS Sabre and a rigid-hulled inflatable boat, which manoeuvred in close, according to an eyewitness as reported by ‘The Chronicle’.

“The Guardia Civil boat was forced to a dead stop and made to retrace its course well away from the submarine” said Michael Sanchez, who saw the events unfold and photographed key moments.

A spokesman for the Governor’s office confirmed the incursion “…in the vicinity of an incoming submarine.”

“The professionalism  of the Royal Navy and Gibraltar Defence Police ensured there was no risk to safety” the spokesman added.

This is yet another Spanish incursion into Gibraltarian watersThis is the latest in a long line of political infringements and military incursions into the sovereign territory of Gibraltar. Last year the Spanish Ambassador was formally called into Downing Street and a Formal Complaint was made by the FCO after the Diplomatic Bag was opened on the border with Spain.

Recently there have been many complaints regarding the Spanish behavior, the boarder guards have purposely caused delays for workers who travel across daily on orders from the Spanish government, there have been other incursions by Spanish vessels into water and Spanish divers were seen carrying out investigations on the artificial reef off the Gibraltar runway (which runs out into the sea).



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Matthew Wrigley

Never going to happen, dream on Spain. ??????

Andrew Nicholson

First war in Europe for ages coming up, Little England versus Spain

Dan Wheatley

Our logistical capability supports us to have a Strong fight even if we went to war with China (not saying we would win or lose that battle just that we would be comparatively strong)

Little England? We will have our subs back please when you little Scotland have your independence finally

David Lee Stokoe

Not quite Francis Xavier Sowerby Thomas the EU wasn’t holding Spain back in think it’s more to do with us beem s NATO country

Gary Davey

Militarily the Spanish would have to want to commit suiscide to attack the out crop

Andrew Nicholson

Sean Jason Mclaughlin O’neill Little England needs tiny Scotland for its Faslane base and to build your carriers lol

Graham G

Andrew, you should say our carriers. They are built for Britain not England and there will be a lot of proud Scots serving on them and rightly so.

Jake Hayes

And they always will scotland won’t leave unless the UK government allow a referendum.

Andrew Nicholson

As long as they don’t until a generation has passed, I rely on defence work for the navy along with over 10,000 of us in Scotland.

Jordan Francis

We don’t “need” Scotland though

Alex Gray

What with oil at $50 a barrel, be my guest and f… o..

Ben Mortlock


Dave Green


Michael Thomas

Typo in the article. Boarder instead of border.

Richard Raker

They can fight us for it. Oh, they did and lost. Ha ha

Nick Birch

HA HA !! you will get destoryed


No blocks of flats then?


keep dreaming Spain

Aden Marc Shrimpton

Wouldn’t it be a better idea for the UK to have southern Spain??? Whilst we’re at it, the baleriac islands wouldn’t be too bad either…

Nicholas Moody

We used to have Minorca in the 18th century.

Venid a las Baleares si tenéis huevos

Miguel Losada

Juan Miguel Rossello Cardell No los tienen . A parte de ser unos piratas poco más saben hacer… Todavía se acuerdan de Don Blas de Lezo…

While we are at it , let’s take back Calais which was under English control for a very long time

Nicholas Moody

And Aquitaine. I like Aquitaine.

Alex Gray

Minorca … Byng gone!

Ole Primdahl

Great Idea ?
Then it will be Danish when we reclaim control over Britain ?

Russell Bushby

When reading Spanish Politicians statements, in this case the Foreign Minister, it’s worth remembering that these statements are made to a Press which is very much less critical than our own. Most senior Politicians in Spain know that if they made a serious encroachment on Gib, they would be opening up a nasty can of worms, with re Morocco…..

Thomas Hughes

It will be up to the Gibraltar inhabitants to decide, but considering that they were overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU I certainly wouldn’t blame them if they took up Spain’s offer.

Gary Davey

And give up their UK rates of pay? How else do you expect them to have a second house on the Spanish coast. I think they’d rather spit blood than sign up with Madriid!

Peter Avis

Gibraltar will never join Spain, put to the test they will vote stay with the UK.

Mark Llewellyn

I imagine Gibraltar are
Nervous as they have been seeing a UK government becoming less interested in their welfare, hopefully that will change shortly!

Albert Yome

We have voted on two previous referendums. Gibraltar will never be Spanish. The question will simply not be asked of us.

Harry Eaton

Gibraltar may want to stay in the EU, but preferably continually British, I doubt the majority want to join Spain just to remain in the EU.

Jeff Bourn

Pmsl yeah right

Callam Delaney

Lmfao, gibraltar hates spain more than anything and I don’t blame them. Gibraltar neglected by eu legislation and agreements should have voted out.

Peter J Middleton

I don’t see the Spanish offerring to joint share Ceuta with Morocco

Dan Wheatley The findings in that article are obviously in need of updating, we have lost a lot of our influencing power.

Martin Boland

Gibraltar independence? (they voted ~95% in…)

Gonçalves Edgar

O desmembramento inglês começou e sem guerras. Foi mais facil do que a segunda guerra mundial. Um bem aja á Alemanha pela gloriosa vitória.

John England

As said. Gibraltar should decide what they want.

Aaron Befoh

Well if they really want to be debt ridden then Spain is the place to go.

Albert Yome

We have decided, twice.

Mark Trundle

Go away Spain you poor little country.

Brian Aitkenhead

they can ‘call’ all they like.. doesn’t make it happen…

Karen Watkins


Ian Nash

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha we not governed by EU lot

Felicity Anne Sayers

no its fine we’ll take look after Spain instead ok?

Andy Myers

Good idea. They can control their side of the border and the Gibraltarians can control their’s.

Jack Cunnion

Kieran Aspden

Kieran Aspden

Hahahaha they can 1v1 me at chess

Jack Cunnion


Damien Davies

they can sod off!


We should give them a vote.

I can fully understand why Gibraltar’s people wanted to stay in the EU, but it doesn’t mean they want to leave Britain.

Give them a vote and they can decide what they want to do, if they want to join Spain then let them, if not then let them stay.

Paul Seo

Might happen after the joint control of the Falkland Islands with the Argentinian government.

Dave Crook

More chance of The Falklands taking over joint sovereignty of Argentina


I laughed.. good god.

Ben Davis

The Argies can’t even put a plane in the air they’re that broke.

Albert Yome

That will never happen.

Paul Seo

Albert Yome , exactly. Joint control of Gibraltar will also never happen

John Read-Hammond

There is more military strength in the Falklands than in Argentina . Spain should be wary of threats, our oldest ally Portugal would have to act with us in defence of the realm.

Alex Gray

Foxtrot oscar!

Matt Andrews

Given to us in perpetuity by the Paella Bandits I believe?

Nathaniel Drax

Upto the Gibraltans

William Howie

It will end in tears !.

Rob Murphy

Or alternatively Britain and Gibraltar could call for ‘joint Control’ of Spain ??

Tom Vincze

Spain can piss off.

Abbas Raafat

لـكيـووتہ أأنـأأ ☺?


A vote to remain in the EU is not a vote to be governed partially by Spain.

Mathew Gardner

Next it will be Argentina asking for joint control of the Falklands

Anthony Hodges

Get fucked is what I’d say

Alan Firkins

Only one way to sort this”FIGHT”

Spain you tripin

Steve Harry

We could always claim Menorca, it was British when nelson was there 🙂

Paul Carter

Dont the spanish have better things to think about! Like the economy, debt levels and unemployment

Graham Mann

Oh yes as if hands off Gib or face the RN

Rob Dean

If I can be a little blunt… Spain can fuck right off and do it quickly… My fear now is that the bastards will push the situation into a shooting war…

Harry Eaton

They can dream, exit of the EU doesn’t change the Treaty of Utrecht.

Simon Taylor

Spain can get stuffed!!!

Martin Coombes

F*** you Spain!

Lee Reader

Spanish gov can’t run their own country, not sure it’s a good idea to let them loose on another !

Howard Riley

good idea

Andrew Casson

Spain can have have Gib if the Tunisians can have their rock back too

Kent Reynolds

Another excuse to try and get Gibraltar…