Nimitz class carrier USS George H. W. Bush has arrived in Haifa, Israel to enhance US-Israel relations.

The US Navy say that the visit comes as the two nations ‘reaffirm their continued commitment to the collective security of the European and Middle East Regions’. They go on to say in a release:

“Bush’s arrival symbolizes the steadfast cooperation between the Israeli Defense Force and the U.S. Armed Forces, a relationship based on shared values and common interests.”

Adm. Michelle J. Howard, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa said:

“The United States has had long standing military to military engagements with Israel.

The George Herbert Walker Bush is a strategic asset. Her mobility coupled with her capabilities means she can project power anywhere around the globe. In this visit to Israel, GHWB’s might is a metaphor for the strength of the bonds between our countries. I’d like to thank the Israeli people for hosting us and for taking care of our Sailors.”

The arrival marked the first time a US aircraft carrier visited an Israeli port since USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in April 2000.

The vessels operations in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are part of the US Navy capability to conduct strikes on Islamic State targets from multiple theatres, highlighting what they say is the ‘flexibility of the globally deployed force’.

The supercarrier is 333 meters long and capable of supporting upwards of 5,000 personnel, including ship’s company, the carrier air wing, and embarked staff.

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Steven Jones

Hmm, so the US sends a “super carrier” to Israel just as Israel starts launching attack after attack on the Syrian army to aid Al-Qaeda and the other jihadi groups who are currently getting their backsides handed to them by the SAA. Thisalso comes just a fews days after the US claimed to have recieved intel from a mystery source that the Syrian government was about to launch another gas/chemical attack on an area heavily populated with innocent civilians “especially women and children”. I am truly repulsed by what Israel/US/EU and the other “civilised” nations are doing in Syria, to… Read more »


You’re not the only one mate, US troops are there now only because Iran is so close to having a land corridor to the med, something Israel and therefore the US is doing everything it can to stop. There are some informative updates on the geopolitics on

Peter French

So do you not include Assad and the Russians in your list of villains perpertrating the deaths of the Syrian people. Assad particularly is guilty of genocide as the so called leader of the Syrian Nation. Seems you are selective in your accusations, I wonder why.


And I’m truly repulsed by IS and what Assad is doing to his own people. But you’re right we should do nothing. Wake up to reality Steven.


Yep, the Syrian people aren’t helped by the machinations of the US/Russian/Iranian/Turkish geopolitical struggle, the Sunni-Shia schism being fought out in the ruins of their towns or by Assad’s murderous actions. The US and their allies are at least are attacking IS in Raqqa when they aren’t fending off Russian and Syrian attacks. I’d happily endorse strikes on Assad if he tries using gas again.