Eurofighter say that the Typhoon has clocked up more swing-role combat hours than any other new generation fighter in service today. 

Throughout 2017 the Eurofighter Typhoon has been on round-the-clock operational demand and the fighter has now logged more than 10,000 swing-role combat flying hours.

In addition, it has been performing 24 / 7, carrying out NATO air policing duties and QRA activities for the Eurofighter nation air forces.

The aircraft — what the company describe as the most advanced swing role fighter available on the world market — has flown more than 900 combat missions for the Royal Air Force alone over Syria and Iraq.

And, as part of NATO Air Policing duties, Eurofighter Typhoon has also been deployed from the Baltics to the Black Sea, with recent Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe and Italian Air Force deployments including Romania, Estonia and Bulgaria respectively.

Raffael Klaschka, head of marketing for Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH, said:

“Whether it is providing Close Air Support or Air Superiority missions, Eurofighter Typhoon is a trusted and effective asset against any hostile — on the ground or in the air.”

Eight customers (Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait) have already ordered the Eurofighter Typhoon.


  1. Doesn’t count for much though does it when you have the French passing the brown envelopes under the tables to secure orders for the Rafale and their ‘free’ press willing to look the other way in the national interest.

  2. Stating the obvious.
    The US does not need to use their F22 for anything other than its intended role.
    When all the RAF has left is the Typhoon and we are constantly engaged oversees it would not be difficult!

    • Totally agree Daniele. At the time of Gulf War 1, the RAF had 31 fast jet squadrons; today we have 7. Getting rid of Tornado was to save money – nothing more – and now that role has been pressed on Typhoon in addition to its intended purpose – air superiority. More with less. F-35 will help alleviate but again not enough airframes when split with carrier operations.

      Some things will never change.

    • Its a sales pitch, though. Most of the possible customers won’t have massive inventories therefore will need their chosen aircraft to do air-2-air and bomber roles. Look at the competitors: F16, F18, Modern F15s, Rafale even the F35… all have dual roles. Makes sense for Typhoon to have them too.

      • Hi Douglas. Don’t get me wrong; I truly believe Typhoon is an exceptional aircraft and very capable of both roles. I was lamenting the dwindling fast jet numbers in the RAF inventory. The only thing consistent these days across all three services is cuts…..

  3. Great thing about the typhoon is that is can carry 4 paveway iv’s whilst carrying it’s full compliment of air to air missiles. There aren’t many planes around that can do that

  4. I find Eurofighter consortium tedious. They have not helped or funded the vaunted swing role capability the RAF Typhoons now demonstrate that was entirely funded by uk taxpayers and our defence budget.
    Also no reference to the vast majority of those swing role combat hours being down to the RAF actions over Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Very little input from the other Eurofighter “partner nations”
    Makes you proud to be British in that at least we are prepared to act whereas the Germans, Spanish, Italians are doing what in the face of ISIS? Answer precisely nothing as they do not want to become a target of terrorist groups.
    Enough Euripean bashing.
    yes agree with comments above. Hopefully at next ASDSR we will get some commitment to more F35Bs,then current 48 strong fleet and the RAF will stay away from the F35A. We need the B variant! For carrier ops, ease of servicing, vstovl and the ability to operate for any hard strip of concrete. Airbases can be knocked out! The F35B gives us a massive step up from the harrier whilst still having all its advantages. Lets get another 48-96 in active service. Then we could operate both QE carriers in full stroke carrier role. That would be something.


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