Typhoons struck Daesh targets in caves in northern Iraq on Friday before returning on Sunday.

RAF aircraft deployed as part of Operation Shader were again in action on Friday the 12th of March, when they struck another group of caves used by Daesh, with eight Paveway IV bombs; and again on Sunday the 14th of March, when six Paveway IVs were employed against Daesh-held caves in the same remote, mountainous area.

“On each occasion, our aircrew have exercised their utmost care in checking there were no signs of civilians in the area before conducting the strikes and subsequent surveillance to ensure their successful completion.”

What is Operation Shader?

The air drops were ordered following the genocide of the Yazidi people and other ethnic minorities by Daesh in Northern Iraq, which had led to them fleeing onto the mountainside to escape Daesh.

Following the conclusion of the aid drops, the operation quickly changed to become the UK element in the US-led coalition that began the campaign to destroy Daesh. Based out of Cyprus, the Royal Air Force continues to survey and strike targets in Iraq and Syria as part of the Global Coalition under the banner of Op SHADER.

You can read more about the operation here.

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And after the 22 of this month, the RAF will be dropping very harshly worded leaflets, saving both remaining Paveways for any future conflict with Russia! Ah, on a serious note, always good to read that the RAF is still carrying out is cockroach reduction policy! Well done!


They must be running out of caves by now!

Sean Crowley

Not wrong along with the bad rep you now get for hanging out in a cave , in my time you could lurk in a cave for years and when you were quite ready come storming out declaring God is dead without worrying about being met with an Hellfire Missile .


I think we’ll run out of paveways before they run out of caves!

captain p wash

New one’s form every raid !


They should send the bill for those PGMs to the Iraqi government.


They’d probably send quite a large bill back, first entries dated in the 1920s…

captain p wash

Just watching two typhoons dogfighting over Yeovilton just now….. ( not on Flight Radar ). There’s a Learjet and HS146 flying around as well plus another that is “blocked” on flight Radar. Had 3 KC135’s heading west yesterday all in a tight formation. Daniel mate, you’d love it here.