Typhoon fighter jets currently operating from Lithuania have intercepted a Russian military formation operating over the Baltic Sea, say the Royal Air Force.

The Typhoons, from 6 Squadron, RAF Lossiemouth, approached the Russian formation to identify its composition and established it was an IL-38 ‘MAY’ Maritime Patrol Aircraft, being escorted by two SU-27 Flanker B Fighters.

“This was the first time in recent years that the RAF have seen and intercepted a ‘MAY’ which was operating alongside a Russian OSCAR class submarine which the Typhoons photographed on the surface as it transited towards the west across the Baltic Sea.

The Russian formation was then monitored as it flew through the Lithuanian Flight Information Region (international airspace), to ensure the safety of other airspace users as Russian Military aircraft do not file flight plans in accordance with standard international practice.”

135 EAW is currently operating from Siauliai Air Base Lithuania, alongside a Spanish Air Force EF-18 Hornet Detachment and a French Air Force detachment based in Estonia to deliver the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission.

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Shifting gears, as the US modifies its European military deployments. Mildenhall is now not likely to close to make way for housing, as 2500 US troops will remain the post-2027 rebase to Germany. The latter will see a reduction of forces and some will return home to the US. In light of this latest Russian activity, the Americans are beginning to respond to the current rash of close observations. I can foresee a pincer movement between Chinese and Russian shadowing increasing and possibly, becoming more adventurist in future, so it makes sense for the US to rethink the previous drawdown… Read more »


‘it makes sense for the US to rethink the previous drawdown plans?’ – unfortunately the man with the final say has no sense and has never been known to think.


Say what u want about him but he’s the only American leader to stand up for the American taxpayer and force Europe to start paying for their OWN defense. Why should America continue to pay for the vast majority of their defense??? Isn’t it their responsibility to defend themselves??? Thank God someone has finally started to put American taxpayers first!


Except he’s not really got an idea what he’s talking about. It’s all grandstanding for his ‘base’ as he provokes division in his country and hatred of ‘forriners’ to get re-elected. As it happens, even though I doubt he understands the issue, and is just using it, I agree on the overall issue. Similarly I think he is right about China and intellectual property, though again it’s just a touchstone for him. The only American taxpayer he cares about are the corporations and billionaires who fund him.


Incidentally, Dan, Putin, who’s an unreconstructed Communist apparatchik, must be delighted with Trump’s attitude to NATO !


you think he stands up for the American taxpayer – but does he really? He couldn’t give a flying f### about the taxpayer. does he implement any effective COVID controls – no, does he support postal voting – no, is he willing to support the poor and needy with healthcare – no.

yes, he does pressure other countries to pay more and that policy alone do I agree with.

he is a sick joke, an aberration otherwise


His only concern is himself and his view as an American emperor, entirely at odds with the party he is supposed to lead. Takes something to make ‘Dubya’ look half competent. Trump, the real Manchurian Candidate. How does he think taking Putin’s side against his own intelligence agencies is going to play out ?


True. However, it’s a strategic move by the US. Font ever think they do this out of the goodness of their own hearts.


First updates for a week – been away Mr A ?


Yeah, withdrawal symptoms here also:)