Typhoon jets bombed two Islamic State positions in Raqqa, while another flight of Typhoons attacked five positions in Mosul.

The Minsitry of Defence say in a media release that Typhoons were n action over Raqqa on Friday when they bombed two further Islamic State positions.

Typhoon and Tornado jets flying as pairs, employed one Brimstone missile and four Paveway IVs to eliminate two machine-gun teams and three other Islamic State strongpoints.

The next day, Tornados and Typhoons suppressed a Islamic State position in Raqqa, and struck six more positions in Mosul, again using a Brimstone and Paveway IV mix to deal with snipers and a machine-gun team.

Referring to the possibility of civilian casualties, the RAF said:

“The RAF is continuing to support Iraqi forces in their effort to liberate western Mosul. While the operating environment in the city is very challenging, particularly given the closely-packed buildings, very narrow streets, and the density of the urban population, our aircrew have continued to deliver precision strikes in close support of Iraqi troops on the ground.

Daesh’s current tactics, including the illegal use of civilians as human shields, and fighting from sites such as schools, hospitals, religious sites and civilian neighbourhoods, increases the risk to innocent life.

While no military operations come without risk, particularly in dense urban environments and against such inhuman Daesh tactics, the RAF continues to take all steps necessary to minimise civilian casualties.”

Imagery and quotes via the Ministry of Defence.

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