A research project by the UK’s Stabilisation Unit explores the vital role of political deal-making in reducing violent conflict, say the organisation.

They say that the Elite Bargains and Political Deals research indicates that greater focus on the politics of conflicts, and those who control power and resources on the ground, is crucial to reducing violence.

Minister for the Middle East and for International Development Alistair Burt said:

“This research report sets out to answer two of the most difficult questions in foreign policy today: How can we help reduce levels of violent conflict? And how do we deal with the often unsavoury groups and individuals that sustain them?

Today, thousands are suffering in seemingly intractable conflicts across the world. We must do what we can to reduce their plight and minimise the dangers that conflict and instability pose to our own national security. We need to keep reviewing our approach in light of experience, and that is what this report seeks to do.”

According to a news release, the report is the result of 18 months of research by cross-government and independent academics and was launched on the 14th of June at Chatham House.

The study seeks to provide a more robust evidence base for the UK’s approach to stabilisation and to help policymakers provide more effective interventions in conflict contexts. Lessons from global conflicts, past and present, are identified in the report.

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“A research project by the UK’s Stabilisation Unit explores the vital role of political deal-making in reducing violent conflict,” The above makes sense when both sides of the bunfight are willing to sit down and smoke the pipe of peace. Its a different matter when you have a bunch of religious bigots who are brainwashed on a regular basis by their religious and community leaders that: 1) They are poor due to the West stealing all their resources. 2) That God (read into that as you will) will provide all 3) That they will have a better life in the… Read more »


Pretty much spot on Farouk. The only way to stop conflict if both sides want to stop it! Just more chuff form people who should know better.

captain P Wash.

Sounds pretty much like a role for Global Britain post Brexit. A new Empire In the making? (tongue sat firmly in cheek ).
I know, Lets call It “Fixit”.


Evidence based means reducing everything to financial inequality and ignoring the multicultural, diversity elephant in the corner – because you like rainbow elephants, just love them – can’t get enough of them. Sod the poverty stricken, fools dying in far flung places on account of a toxic combination of corruption and mediaeval ideologies.

There is no freedom because people no longer want the truth.

David E Flandry

Ironic that the same people who blame the West for their troubles want to settle in western nations.
That’s not racist or anti-anything, just a fact.