According to a recent MoD press release, the UK will contribute defence assets to support Malta in security operations.

In response to a request from the Maltese Government, the UK will contribute Defence assets to support Malta’s security operation for the Valletta Summit on migration and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015.

There are no known specifics just yet.

The UK’s support to the Maltese security operation demonstrates the close and constructive relationship between Malta and the UK, as a result of our enduring ties and shared interests as members of the EU and the Commonwealth.

Malta was once part of the British Empire. In 1814, as part of the Treaty of Paris Malta officially became a part of the British Empire and was used as a shipping way station and fleet headquarters. After the Suez Canal opened in 1869, Malta’s position halfway between the Strait of Gibraltar and Egypt proved to be its main asset and it was considered an important stop on the way to India.

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Howie Elliott

they are well armed in Malta judging by all the birds they slaughter every year….

Matthew Buckland

Great island, great people, they deserve our support.


Many maltese served in all three navies, Royal,RFA and merchant navy.

David L Thomas

I thought they were independent from England and part of the EU so why are we helping them ?

Ronnie Mccarthy

Typical snp nonsense talk!! If you cant post sensible adult comments why bother?…hhhmm

David L Thomas

Not really the article is not detailed enough ? Are we giving more of our Foreign aid to assist or is it a trade and sale agreement, are there any other European countries assisting ?

Joel David Parry

The fact the entire island was awarded a George Cross during WW2 is one reason the just help them a bit.

David L Thomas

Thanks Joel – true on this I just wanted to find out extra information on this deal and also commonwealth countries like India, Australia, New Zealand helped us in the World Wars to and after the War many of these countries want to move on and stand on their own and not be dependent on Great Britain, e.g., India, etc.

Ben Carmichael

Independent from the United kingdom don’t you mean? Jesus

Tom Hird

Stewart Hird

Stewart Hird

Royal Familyz due here in Nov – Mighr be on the Plane with you !!!!! LOL x

Tom Hird

I share my birthday with prince Charles, he might be going over for his birthday haha

Stewart Hird

Theyre over here bout same time as you too – Send him a Birthday Card – Tell him we’ll see him and Camilla in the Caprrice lol x….

Steve Arnott

Why are we helping when Mintos kicked us out????