British pilots have now flown more than 3000 missions against Islamic State, playing a key role in their ongoing defeat.

The following recent strikes have taken place:

  • Thursday 14 July – Typhoons destroyed an armoured vehicle and a maintenance crane in northern Iraq.
  • Friday 15 July – Typhoons attacked a terrorist mortar position in north-western Iraq.
  • Sunday 17 July – Typhoons bombed a weapons store near Ramadi.
  • Monday 18 July – Typhoons struck a group of terrorist targets in western Iraq.
  • Tuesday 19 July – Tornados and Typhoons hit mortar positions in northern Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence go into further detail on the strikes in a press release:

On Thursday 14 July, two Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4s patrolling the Mosul area spotted Islamic State personnel using a truck-mounted crane to perform maintenance work on an armoured vehicle. Paveway IV guided bombs destroyed both vehicles with direct hits.

The following day, Typhoons operating further west, conducted a Paveway bomb attack on a mortar position concealed in a tree-line a number of miles south of Sinjar.

Typhoons also patrolled over Anbar province in western Iraq on Sunday 17 July. Some miles north-west of Ramadi, they observed a vehicle being loaded with weapons from a terrorist storehouse. A Paveway IV destroyed both the store and the supply truck.

The next day, again in Anbar Province, Typhoons observed terrorist activity around a tent hidden in a dense palm grove. An attack with a Paveway IV not only struck the terrorists but also set fire to two stockpiles of ammunition and equipment and damaged a truck parked nearby, again under the trees.

On Tuesday 19 July, Tornado GR4s used a Paveway IV against a mortar position near Qayyarah, while Typhoons employed a Paveway bomb to attack another mortar position south-east of Mosul.

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Max Baker
4 years ago

How much does a pave way cost compared to a mortar

I u destabilising d that it’s the lives being saved.. But could we not use a cheaper bomb to hit targets… The Russians use unguided weapons that I have u destroy to kill civilians as well.. But is there something g in the middle??

Gareth Walton
4 years ago
Reply to  Max Baker

Unfortunately not….

Gareth Walton
4 years ago
Reply to  Max Baker

A Paveway costs £22k each, and a brimstone costs £105k each. With the payload of a typhoon/tornado they carry just over £500k worth of big bangs!!

Max Baker
4 years ago
Reply to  Max Baker

Makes you wonder if it would be cheaper to have a groundwar… Probably not but the civilian deaths is unacceptable… The videos of children lying in their own blood and guts makes me think we have to try something else